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October Favorites 2017

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It’s Favorites time!! This month went by pretty fast for me, but I still managed to have a bunch of favorites that I wanted to share with you.

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What’s on my iPhone | Photo Editing, Fitness + More

What's on my iPhone MuffinChanel blog photo editing fitness and more

It seems like the phone is the one accessory we never leave the house without. It’s a camera, a calendar, fitness tracker, social media outlet, and of course helps us keep in touch with our friends and family. We use our phones everyday for tons of things, so I thought I’d share some of what’s on my iPhone with you.

Photo Editing

Diptic – Make a quick and easy collage with this app. With lots of free templates to choose from and customization options, this is my go-to for any Instagram collage. You can even adjust the borders’ thickness, shape, texture, and color.

ColorSplash – This app makes it easy to add a splash of color to a black & white photo or vice versa. You start with a color photo and then you can hand-draw the black & white filter, leaving something specific in color so that object really stands out.

LINE camera – The auto-enhance option on LINE is really good, especially for selfies. It corrects the lighting, smoothes imperfections, and can make your eyes look bigger. They have a lot of fun “stickers” to choose from too that make this app super fun.

PixlrExpress+ – I use pixlr to edit photos on my blog, so when I saw that there was an app for iPhone, I knew I wanted to try it. I use this for most of my phone-editing. Lots of filters and fonts for text overlays and powerful basic editing features. Plus, I really love how I can resize the image to keep its full size and clarity. I hate when a great picture end up looking pixilated because the app compressed it — not with PixlrExpress+!

Bokehful – The best app for adding bokeh! Not just a filter or overlay, Bokehful lets you kind of control the placement (puts a bokeh near where you tap; not exactly on the spot). You can also choose the color/color palette and shapes of the bokeh.

A Beautiful Mess – I got this app for free from Sephora and  it’s pretty cool. You can add text, doodles, and borders and choose from a few filters. It’s pretty basic. There are some upgrades that I haven’t tried, but the free content seem sufficient for a quick edit.

Social Media

Twitter – I like the official app for Twitter on the iPhone. It’s clean and simple; gets the job done.

Instagram – It’s fun to go through different Instagram feeds and see everyone’s pictures. I never really use the filters in Insta; instead, I’ll upload after using some of the apps I mentioned ^.

WordPress – I mostly just check comments from the WordPress app. It’s a little tricky for me to try to blog from the app, but I have before. It’s good in a pinch!

Health & Fitness

MyFitnessPal – This app is great for monitoring your food intake and calorie goals. There is a huge library of foods you can select and you can chat with your friends so everyone stays motivated. I have it linked with my Fitbit, so MFP automatically keeps track of my activity too!

Nike+ Running – I’ve been slacking on my running goals lately….big time. But I still love the Nike+ Running app for tracking my runs. The Nike Coach update is great and helps you reach your goals without having to think too much into it.

Nike Training – I just recently downloaded this app, but it seems cool so far. Great for a Cross-Training day or its own program — I like how there are lots of sessions you can choose from. It’s like a guided workout with videos so you can see what each move is supposed to look like.

Fitbit – The Fitbit app helps me track the number of steps I have for the day, my sleep cycle, and my ranking among my friends. It’s great to not have to log into a computer to sync up my stats.

Let me know what some of your favorite apps are; I’d love to try out some new ones!

Nike+ Running Coach | Training for a Half Marathon

Nike+ nikeplus nike plus running coach muffinchanel iOS The Nike+ Running App has gotten a recent update that now provides a “coaching” feature to help you train for your running goals. You know that I already love the Nike+ Running App, so I was excited for what this update could do to help me train for that half marathon I told you about back in November. Nike+ nikeplus nike plus running coach muffinchanel iOS The update helps you to train for a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, or a Marathon each at either Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced levels. You can select whatever skill level you want, but the App recommends a level for you based on your history of runs which is pretty neat. I selected the Half Marathon goal and was excited to get back on track with my running. I was definitely slacking during the holidays. The App recommended that I start at the Beginner level which I would have picked anyway. It was weird though, because it recommended the Beginner level when I selected the Half Marathon, but the Intermediate level with I clicked the full Marathon. After, I selected the race I was training for and what level I wanted, I was on my way to 12 weeks of training. I was curious to see what the “coaching” part was like. Was there audio feedback? A pre-run pep talk? I already knew about the run reminders, but what was the training program like?

Basically, the App tells you what your workout will consist of for each day of your training. You can click to see what it has in store for you each day. For my Half Marathon plan, it has me doing 58 runs over the course of 12 weeks. The first week is a Warm Up week with four days of running, two days of rest, and a day of cross training. There is no audio feedback with your coached workouts. 🙁 You just click the workout scheduled for that day and read what you’re supposed to do. If it is a running day, you can click Run from that page and run the way it instructs. After you complete the run, it will be marked complete. If it’s a cross-training or rest day, you have to go in and manually mark it as done.

I was really hoping for some audible feedback — more than just the usual “average pace” and “distance remaining” updates. Especially when one of the training days included 2 miles of fartleks. It would have been cool to have it tell me when to speed up/slow down without having to time myself and look down all the time. Those three minutes are very long when you’re trying to run at a faster pace.

Overall, I’m please with this update and don’t forget, this App is free! So awesome if you are training for something or just looking for a way to track your runs.

Top 10 – November Favorites

Landon Austinlandon austin muffin chanel muffinchanel once in a lifetime


When I first heard about Landon Austin on Youtube, I thought he used auto-tune on his voice. He has a really unique sound, accompanied by an acoustic guitar and his songs are pretty mellow. I am really liking Once In A LifetimeEven though it’s a slower song, I like to listen to this when I’m running.

The Hunger Games – Catching Fire


catching-fire1This movie was much better than the first. The Capitol establishes new rules in order to surpress a rebellion encouraged by Katniss Everdeen’s breaking the rules in the last Hunger Games. Peacekeepers are enforcing more rules on the different Districts and Katniss and Peeta must fight again in the 75th Hunger Games. If you liked the first movie, you’ll really like the second. By the end, I was holding up my three fingers and whistling the Mockingjay tune!



I’ve been loving Chipotle so much in November. I get a burrito with: white rice, fajita vegetables, sofritas (only served in select states/locations), the green salsa, corn, sour cream, and guacamole. MMMmmm. So good. I’ll sometimes get the chips and guacamole on the side, but only if I’m super hungry.

Nike+ Running


I’m still training for a half marathon, and I’m using the Nike+ Running App to track my runs. Just the other day, I logged my farthest run – 7.25 miles! Yay. I’ve still got a ways to go and a lot more conditioning, but I really like how the Nike+ Running App lets you create goals how you can “race” with your friends. Add me (MuffinChanel) and we can race!

Lush Baths


photo-1photo-21I love Lush baths; especially during the colder months. Relaxing underneath a blanket of bubbles is so perfect. My favorite combination at the moment is The Comforter bubble bar and Think Pink bath bomb & to make it extra amazing, I add a dropper of Josie Maran’s Argan Oil! With this bath ^, I used Sandstone soap to exfoliate and Sweetie Pie shower jelly. Amazing!

Starbucks Holiday Star Dash


screen-shot-2013-11-29-at-8-27-45-pmI’m so excited that I was selected to participate in the Starbucks Holiday Star Dash. As you can see, I earned my 16 stars and will get the $10 eGift! Yay for those Very Berry Hibiscus Refreshers!

Photojojo Macro/Wide Lens

I got this lens for my birthday and it’s awesome. If I have to choose from the three they offer, this is the one I choose. I love it because it is both Macro and a Wide angle lens — just unscrew it to get the Macro.

Rainbow Loom


rl-heroMy little cousins shared their Rainbow Looms with me over Thanksgiving! They taught me how to make the Starburst and Fishtail bracelets! You can get the Rainbow Loom at Michael’s for $17 and each Rubber Band Pack of 600 bands is $4.

photo-2Grand Theft Auto 5


I recently bought GTA 5 and it’s so much fun. I have GTA 4 (but I never even finished the story mode), but GTA 5 is so much better. You play as three different characters in story mode & the online mode is so much fun; I’m already on level 16!

Living Proof – Restore


I bought this in my Sephora VIB Rouge haul to try it out and it’s awesome. My hair looks and feels softer and healthier. I’ll repurchase the larger sizes when I run out. I do like these small bottles though; perfect size for traveling.

What have you been loving this November? Let me know in the comments.