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Fitbit Charge HR Breaks – UPDATE

fitbit charge hr band breaks strap broken muffinchanelIt had been about a year since I first got my Fitbit Charge HR as an upgrade to my Fitbit Flex when the Charge HR strap broke! 🙁 Sad day. My Fitbit Charge HR breaks and I couldn’t wear it anymore; it was terrible. I had actually been having issues with the Fitbit syncing fully as well, but the band can’t do any good if I can’t wear it.

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2016 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is so much fun for me; I look forward to it every year. Even if you don’t have a “valentine”, February 14th is a day full of candy, pink, and hearts — you can’t go wrong! I’ve put together another Valentine’s Day Gift Guide and, of course, these are all things I would love!

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Fitbit ChargeHR | REVIEW

Like the Fitbit Flex I had before, The Fitbit ChargeHR is a fitness band that mainly tracks your steps and is a motivational tool to help you be more active throughout the day. The Fitbit app for the phone and the main dashboard on the website are very user-friendly and make it easy to monitor your progress during the day.

I’ve had my Fitbit Charge HR  for just over three weeks now and I’m ready to give my review! The Fitbit ChargeHR comes with a USB charging cable and a wireless syncing dongle.*


The Fitbit ChargeHR has textured wristband that is soft and smooth underneath. The band is .83 inches wide & has a watch-clasp closure that feels very secure. Fitbit Charge ChargeHR fitness band fit heart rate monitor design comfort review muffinchanel watch claspThe display is larger than the Fitbit Flex display and will show your daily activity stats and real time heart rate.


Fitbit Charge ChargeHR fitness band fit heart rate monitor design comfort review muffinchanelI got the Fitbit ChargeHR in size Large. There is a sizing guide on Fitbit’s website to help you determine the best size for you. I picked the Large size because Fitbit recommends wearing the ChargeHR higher up on your wrist for a more accurate heart rate reading. They suggest about 2-3 finger widths above your wrist bone which is pretty comfortable to me. I probably could have been great with the Small size band — I’m wearing the Large at the 3rd to tightest hole in order to wear it higher on my wrist.


Fitbit Charge ChargeHR fitness band fit heart rate monitor design comfort review muffinchanel chargingThe Fitbit ChargeHR was about 50% charged out of the box. I fully charged it before using it and the battery lasted about 4.5 days before I got an email to let me know the battery was low. I’ve consistently gotten between 4-5 days between charges. Charging the ChargeHR takes about 1 hour. The charger plugs into any USB power source and then into the underside of the Fitbit ChargeHR display.


Fitbit Charge ChargeHR fitness band fit heart rate monitor design comfort review muffinchanelThere is a small button on the left side of the display which lets you toggle through the time display, daily steps, distance walked, calories burned, stairs climbed, alarms, and heart rate. You can customize what categories are displayed and in what order they appear. You can also set a shortcut for a specific display by double tapping the Fitbit ChargeHR. I have mine set to display the heart rate since that was what I was most interested in purchasing the ChargeHR.

Sleep Mode

I really thought the sleep tracking data from the Fitbit Flex was great, and I think it’s even better with the ChargeHR. The ChargeHR automatically records your sleep without having to do anything. With the Flex, you had to tap it to tell it you were going to sleep, but the ChargeHR detects it on it’s own & it’s super accurate. The ChargeHR will tell you how long you slept for and how many times you were restless in the night. It’s awesome.

Heart Rate Monitor

Fitbit Charge ChargeHR fitness band fit heart rate monitor design comfort review muffinchanel lights chargeThe heart rate monitor is accurate. I compared it with a pulse counting app and each time it is within 10 BPM which is great for me. The Fitbit ChargeHR uses LED lights to reflect off your skin to detect changes in your blood. When your heart beats, your capillaries expand & contract, the ChargeHR measures those changes with special algorithms to display your heart rate.

The display shows you live heart rate monitoring and what “zones” you’re in while working out. The three zones — Fat Burn, Cardio, and Peak — are calculated based on a max heart rate of 220 BPM minus your age, but you can adjust it and make your own custom zones. I like to check  my heart rate and see how intense my workout is.


If you press and hold the side button, the Workout mode will begin and track your exercise activity. I like to review the workout data because it isolates your heart rate data for the workout and helps me stay motivated throughout the day. My workouts are mostly jogging/running so the Fitbit ChargeHR is tracking my steps as well.

Overall, I love my Fitbit ChargeHR. The heart rate monitoring is the main reason to get this fitness band; it’s accurate and easy to view your data. The band is comfortable and it has good battery life. The sleep tracking feature is better than before and also very accurate.