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LUSH Valentine’s Day Haul 2018

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Lush recently released its Valentine’s Day range in stores and I was super excited to be able to pick up some of the items. I really look forward to the Valentine’s Day items because they’re usually pink and I love a pink bath! When I went into the store I also bought a few of my non-seasonal favorites, so here’s a look at my Lush haul:

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February Favorites 2016

February 2016 favorites muffinchanel foldio 2 eyelash curler lush comforter iphone 6s michael kors unicorn horn stila eyeliner

Hello March! This year is already flying by so quickly! How is your 2016 going so far? I’ve been loving a few things this month and wanted to share in a “favorites” post. I love reading these and seeing what others’ favorites are. Continue reading

LUSH | Unicorn Horn

Muffinchanel lush unicorn hornThe Unicorn Horn bubble bar is back this year as part of the Lush 2016 Valentine’s Day collection. I really loved the Unicorn Horn last year in its 2015 debut — so much that I made my own DIY Unicorn Horns! When I saw that they were back this Valentine’s Day, I picked one up at Lush.  Continue reading

2016 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is so much fun for me; I look forward to it every year. Even if you don’t have a “valentine”, February 14th is a day full of candy, pink, and hearts — you can’t go wrong! I’ve put together another Valentine’s Day Gift Guide and, of course, these are all things I would love!

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Make Your Own | Bubble Bars *LUSH Inspired*

muffinchanel bubble bar recipe lush inspired lush cosmetics diy make your own bubble bar lush inspiredI love all of Lush Cosmetics’ bath products — bath bombs (make your own Lush-Inspired Bath Bombs), bubbleroons, and of course bubble bars! I’ve been a Lush customer for at least 5 years and I’ve posted all over about my favorite products, my Lush Hauls, the limited edition seasonal products, (hello, Valentine’s Day!) and more.

It’s no secret that I love a nice, long Lush bath — in fact, my go-to Lush favorite is the Comforter Bubble Bar. Love. Love. Love. So, when I recently went in to Lush, I was super sad to see that the price of the Comforter Bubble Bar had gone up again 🙁

muffinchanel bubble bar recipe lush inspired lush cosmetics diy the comforter bubble bar price comparison

I really love the Comforter, but the value for the price is getting kind of close for me. I cut it up into smaller pieces for my bath, but I thought it was pricey at $9.95, and now that it’s $11.95, I’ve started looking into other options for my bubble bath.

I found this Bubble Bar recipe on Hayley Williams’ YouTube and it was super fun to make. I made a ton of fun Bubble Bars and figured out a few tips for the next time I make these.

Here’s everything you’ll need to make your own Lush-inspired bubble bars: Continue reading