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San Francisco Travel Diary

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I love San Francisco and I love reading through other people’s travel diaries for some inspiration on an upcoming trip. Here’s a look at what we did on our recent trip to San Francisco:

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What to Bring to Disneyland | What’s in my Bag

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If you’re planning a trip to Disneyland and trying to figure out what to bring, here’s a look at what I brought on our recent trip to Disneyland.

Your bags get searched before you enter the parks and the security lines can become really long. I took my new crossbody bag and it was perfect to get through the line quickly. A crossbody bag is really great because you can be hands free and not have to worry about having to hold a bag on your shoulder all day. I love this bag because it’s lightweight and it has a couple of big pockets and a couple of zipper areas. Plus, this bag has a zip-top closure, so you can feel secure in crowds knowing that no one can access your bag. This is a super similar bag and it has a lot of additional anti-theft features.



I don’t have too much that I need to carry around in a wallet so I use this super slim card holder. It has rfid blocking and it fits really easily in my purse or just in my pocket.


I could easily access my phone from the side pocket of my purse. I actually used my phone a lot to use the Disneyland app to view wait times for rides, and book fast passes. My glitter phone case is super cute and fit right in at the magical place on earth. This case has pink roses and silver glitter inside. Use my link for $10 off your own glitter case.


I always have this little bluetooth remote in my bag. With this tiny remote, you can take pictures from a distance. So, if you are wanting more than just a bunch of the same selfie, you can prop up your phone onto something and activate the remote for more full-body pictures. It’s really great if you don’t want to ask a stranger to take your picture. Of course, at Disneyland, you can ask a Cast Member to take your picture on your phone for you in addition to the larger/professional cameras they use.


I always carry my Creme de Rose lip balm with me. It’s a nice creamy balm that just looks chic and really hydrates my lips. It fits nicely in my bag and of course I used it while walking around at Disneyland.


If you are going to have your photo taken by one of the Cast Members, you may want to have a small mirror to freshen up a little bit. On our trip to Disneyland, we got so many great pictures taken by the cast members. If you purchase the Max Pass add on for your Disneyland tickets, you can get all your cast member and attraction photos straight to your phone. I loved the Max Pass and definitely recommend it if you’re planning a Disneyland trip.


You can never go wrong with having a small flash light with you. We used this flashlight while walking back to our hotel one night. It’s nice to be prepared and this small flashlight doesn’t take up a lot of space at all.


This portable charger has been so great for me. Like I mentioned, I used my phone a lot during the trip logging into the Disneyland app and booking Fast Passes so my battery was dropping by the end of the day. It was nice to have this little charger to charge my phone while it was in my purse, and it’s so thin. The lightning port adapter is built in, so you don’t have to bring any cords with you.


if you take a lot of photos and don’t want to have to delete pictures during your trip, this little external hard drive will be your best friend. Basically it’s a little storage drive that you can plug into your phone and save your media onto. It lets you free up your space so you can continue taking more pictures. I used this while we were in Hawaii and I was so happy to have been able to move my pictures off my phone so I could keep taking pictures during the trip.


I like to be ready to write things down. You could totally use your phone, but I have this notebook in my bag at all times and I didn’t want to be without it if I needed it for some reason. I did also bring my planner on our trip, but I left it in the hotel while we were out at the park.


Of course you need to bring your Disneyland tickets with you as well. I loved the little outside zipper pocket on my purse for holding my ticket and making sure that it was easily accessible.


If you really want to be prepared while at Disneyland, here are a few extra things you may consider bringing:


Depending on when you go, it may be rainy. It’s better to bring your own, inexpensive rain ponchos and keep them in a bag just in case it does rain, than to buy the overpriced touristy ones.


This is a little bit of a “territorial” thing you can do — but when it’s time to get ready for a parade, or World of Color, or any attraction where you are waiting, use your small folding blanket to claim your area. No one (hopefully) is going to try to sit on your blanket, but if you are without a blanket, then you may have people try to sit in front of you, or block you with a stroller or something. Most people probably aren’t trying to obstruct your view, but if you have a blanket, you can mark your space and avoid all of that.


It’s usually bright and sunny in Southern California, so you will want to bring some sunglasses. I recommend buying an inexpensive (but cute) pair that you won’t be upset about if they get hurt or lost.

That’s my list of things I brought to Disneyland and some suggestions about a small, easily searchable bag. I hope this was helpful for you. If so, please share it on Pinterest!



Fitbit Alta HR Review + Garmin Vivosmart HR Comparison

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Last year, I decided that I wanted to lose weight and I lost 30 pounds in three months! After that I lost 10 more pounds and chose to go into a more “maintenance” phase. But we had a few trips and I stopped tracking my calories and I knew that I had gained. I weighed myself and had gained five pounds — not terrible, but I wanted to get things back under control.

To reinvigorate my weight loss and help me to be motivated, I wanted a new fitness tracker. This is a review of my Fitbit Alta HR:

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How To Be More Productive

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I love feeling accomplished at the end of the day — like I completed what I set out to do and maybe even more than that. I am always trying to be the most efficient and productive in what I do in order to make the most out of my time. Here’s a list of 12 tips that can help to increase your productivity:

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