LUSH Valentine’s Day Haul 2018

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Lush recently released its Valentine’s Day range in stores and I was super excited to be able to pick up some of the items. I really look forward to the Valentine’s Day items because they’re usually pink and I love a pink bath! When I went into the store I also bought a few of my non-seasonal favorites, so here’s a look at my Lush haul:



This little boat-shaped bath bomb is the cutest. I love the heart in front and there are little confetti hearts underneath. It smells amazing and I’m glad I picked up two of them.


This was actually the first bath bomb I ever bought from Lush. Of course it was not this super pretty pink, Valentine’s Day version, but the regular all white one. There are little roses built into the top of this bath bomb and it’s super cute.


I remember the very first time the Unicorn Horn was introduced. I did a haul (you can see here and pictures), and I was so excited because of the colors and the shimmer and there were little candy stars inside. Each year it has been a little different, removing the candy stars, and removing colors. I still love the smell and the bubbles, but I really miss that very first design.

Even compared with one from last year, it looks like they swapped out the blue for purple. It’s still really pretty, and I still bought three of them.!


I love the Bubbleroons because they are like super silky bubble bars. These look a lot like the Heart Throb bubbleroons from 2015 and I loved those so I bought two. They smell amazing and I almost wish I bought maybe a couple more. It seems like the in-store Valentine’s Day items always sell out really quickly, and they can sell out even before Valentine’s Day arrives. So if you want something, try to get in early!


I saw the Giant Golden Wonder bath bomb at Christmas and thought it looked amazing. I really wanted it since Golden Wonder is one of my favorites, but it just didn’t happen. When I saw that my store had this Giant Rose Bombshell, I knew I had to get it. I love the Rose Bombshell bath bomb already and this one was giant! Lush says it’s about three times the size of a regular bath bomb! Wow!

And it is huge. In the store, I was holding it with both hands because I didn’t want to drop it. It smells beautiful, as you’d expect — like roses. It’s filled with rose petals too so when it fizzes open, you’ll have beautiful yellow rose petals in your bath. I don’t know if I’m going to try to break it up for multiple baths or just have one luxurious $20 bath!


For my first Valentine’s bath, I used some of the Unicorn Horn, and my Love Boat bath bomb. Super relaxing and it smelled so good. I love taking time to just re-center and do something that’s fun for me.


Here’s a look at everything I picked up. I got the Comforter (my favorite), Pink bath bomb, Happy Hippy shower gel, and Sex Bomb bath bomb (another favorite).ย โ™ก

What’s your favorite from the new Valentine’s Day range? Tag me in your hauls or on Insta, I love seeing what everyone got!