Fitbit ChangeHR Breaks Again

Remember when my Fitbit ChargeHR broke and Fitbit was so great and replaced it? Well, the replacement just broke too!! I’ve only had this new one for ~8 months, so it’s crazy that it’s breaking already!Β 

I did reach out to Fitbit (like last time) through their Twitter support and they responded super quickly to get me in touch with their email representative. Unfortunately, they said they couldn’t replace this defective one since my original purchase was out of warranty. They did offer me a 25% off discount on a new Fitbit, but I think I’m going to explore some other fitness band options. I’m not sure why the ChargeHR bands break so quickly.

I’m considering trying out:

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is cool because it automatically works with so many other things if you already have an iPhone or other Apple products. Plus, you can do so much more than just fitness tracking. And I really like this pretty rose gold and pink combination.

Garmin Vivosmart HR+

This fitness tracker looks cool because it seems heavy duty. I like how it tracks heart rate and uses GPS to track. It seems like it’d be really accurate at everything, but it looks gigantic.

Jawbone UP3

This tracker seems more fashionable and less functional. There’s no display showing your step progress, but it shows your heart rate and steps somehow, maybe within the app. Apparently it monitors sleep and body temperature as well. It’s not my favorite option but I’m considering it.

TomTom Touch

The TomTom Touch is supposed to be really great for tracking steps and also body composition. This seems really cool to me and I like how there’s a sensor reader on the top just for a quick reading. It also tracks sleep and heart rate which is something I really liked about the Fitbit Charge HR.

Let me know what if you’ve tried any of these fitness trackers or if you have any other recommendations. I really liked the user interface that Fitbit has, but I need something that will last longer than 8-10 months.