Super Cute and Unique Finds on Amazon

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I’ve had Amazon Prime for a few years now — it’s so awesome because you get free, fast 2-day shipping (sometimes faster!). I order from Amazon all the time because they’re good with customer service/returns, their shipping is super fast, and they have everything you could ever want. Recently, I was exploring Amazon and found a lot of unique and interesting items. I wouldn’t have expected to find some of these things on Amazon…but they really do have everything! Here’s some cool, unique things I found:


Cute Flair Pins

These little pins are super cute and bright. I like the succulents and cactus. I made my own little Tumblr-inspired pins and they turned out really nice, but these ones have a fun desert vibe. Love the colors.

Instant Camera

A fun retro instant camera is such a neat gift. You can capture all your fun memories and then have them to hold right away. I like the style of this camera and the white color.

Kanken Backpack

I have a Kanken and I love it. Amazon also fulfills them, and this bright yellow color was so unique. The Kanken is durable and can hold a lot; see my full review here.

Geometric Wall Decor

These little wall sconces hold a faux plant and look so trendy and clean. These would add a nice pop of green to a room without all the upkeep of a real plant. I love the white and gold together.

Marble Laptop Cover

Having a cute laptop cover protects your computer and looks cute at the same time. It’s practical, but also really unique.

Eye Mask

I sleep with an eye mask every night. I love having complete darkness! But my face mask is getting stretched out, and this one is thick like a pillow. Definitely think I need this. The compression is supposed to help with headaches or sinus issues too.

Carved Wood Pet House

This little two-level pet house would be so fun for your small dog or cat. I’m pretty sure my dog wouldn’t go in there, but it looks like so much fun. And they actually had a lot of different styles. So, you could have a little mini mansion in your house just for your pet.

Blogging Camera

This camera is no joke. I just imagine the amazing pictures that I could take with a powerful camera. Amazon actually has a ton of lenses and camera equipment, so this might not be very unique, but I was impressed with all the variety on Amazon.

Sweatproof Running Headphones

I’ve been running on the treadmill a lot and listening to my music on Spotify which is great, but my headphones start to get sweaty and sometimes slip out of my ears. These are “sweat proof” headphones. What!? And they are wireless. These look so cool.

Rose Gold Fitness Tracker

Sometimes having a “cute” item makes it more fun to use. That might be the case with this fitness tracker. I think it’s motivating to surround yourself with things you love. I really like the way this fitness band looks, and it’s super thin. Definitely a neat find on Amazon.


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