2017 Summer Favorites | Beauty & Lifestyle

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It’s favorites time! Now that it’s officially summer and things are heating up, I wanted to share some of the things I have been loving for summer and just in general lately.

Josie Maran Argan SPF Moisturizer

I love Josie’s argan oil so much. It has helped my skin’s texture become smoother and more even; it’s helped my eczema go away; and it helped my eyebrows grow back when the brow bar at Ulta took of way too much (nightmare). So I, of course, love the Argan Moisturizer with SPF. I always wear SPF on my face and I love how it’s built right into this moisturizer. You might need to get used to the consistency at first, and because it’s made with argan oil, it can feel slightly greasy until it absorbs.

Bite Agave Lip Mask

This Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask is more of just a balm. I did a full review, but basically it’s a thick balm that hydrates and heals chapped lips. My lips haven’t been chapped lately, but I love using this lip mask at night and waking up to smooth, soft lips. There are different color variations to choose from, but I love the original kind.

Dark Sunglasses

You can’t go wrong with a nice pair of dark sunnies. When I’m outside or driving, I love these super dark glasses to project my eyes from the bright sun. These glasses are really comfortable and I like the slight cat-eye feel. I also love my glasses as an easy grab-and-go accessory.

bkr Water Bottles

I love bkr water bottles. They are gorgeous bpa-free glass bottles surrounded by a silicone sleeve that helps protect the bottle and adds a pop of color. The bottle is beautiful and I love having it on my desk; it reminds me to drink water and looks great just sitting there. My current favorite is the liter size in the color Baby; it’s a hot pink color that’s perfect for summer (or year-round).


I already have Netflix, so I never thought we needed Hulu but my sister recommended it and I’m loving what Hulu has to offer. There are original Hulu shows like 11.22.63 that are awesome, and the picture quality seems to be a huge improvement over Amazon Video which we also watch. We just got into watching Survivor and there are tons of seasons to watch. With Hulu, you can elect a subscription without commercials and they have a lot of current season’s shows. We’re only on the free trial right now, but it’s been awesome so far.

iPad Pro + Apple Pencil

via Apple.com

We recently got an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil so that I could work on my hand-lettering and designing. I love it because it’s super convenient to use and it’s portable. I use the Procreate App for lettering and drawing (which I’m getting better at). Also, I use my iPad to watch virtual marathon videos on youtube while I’m on my treadmill. It’s been awesome for that and really inspires me to run for a longer duration.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

These headphones have definitely been a huge favorite for me. I love that these headphones can block out the noise of people talking and other music in the room. Sometimes you need some peace and quiet and these headphones help me to concentrate when there are distractions. I think these would be perfect on a flight or on public transit during a morning commute as well. Also, I finished the first season of the Serial podcast and I really enjoyed it.

Amazon Prime

I love Amazon Prime so much. It’s definitely worth it for me since I shop on Amazon frequently. The key benefit for me is the free two-day shipping, but sometimes Amazon also does free one-day, or same-day shipping too. It’s super convenient to order and then let Amazon take care of the rest. Plus, you can seriously find everything on Amazon so it’s a one-stop shop. Amazon even sells grocery items through their Amazon Fresh and Amazon Pantry services for Prime members. You never have to leave your house! I just really dislike going to a store and “shopping” in general, so it’s perfect for me to get everything online.

PenGems Pens

I discovered these pens on Instagram or Youtube and they looked so pretty. I ordered three of them and have been loving them ever since. These pens have a clear section at the top that is filled with crystals and a gem at the top of the pen. It looks so pretty and surprises me with how cute it is evert time I see it. I bought replacement inks for my pens because I prefer the gel ink over a ballpoint pen. Full review here or sign up through my link for 10% off your first purchase.

Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish

This Gel Couture polish is seriously so great. I love not having my nail polish chip two seconds after I paint my nails. I did a review here — basically, you don’t need any special lights to set the polish and you can do everything like you normally would with a color and a top coat. I am loving the pink color, Model Citizen, it’s like a bright Barbie pink — perfect for summer.

etsy Planner Stickers + Washi

via SimplyGildedCo

I never thought I would be buying stickers and washing tape for my planner from etsy, but I have an exciting trip coming up and I wanted to buy some cute things to decorate my planner. Some of the shops I purchased from are: Once More With Love, PeachyChicCo, SimplyGilded, Hello Petite Paper, and Pumpkin Paper Co. I’ll post review once I use everything.


I mentioned my treadmill earlier and how I’ve been using my iPad to help keep me motivated while running. I have really been loving having a treadmill at home. It’s so great to be able to run whenever I want and not have to think about what to wear or how hot it is outside. I love the dashboard of my treadmill and how strong it feels while running. It really feels like a heavy-duty treadmill you’d use at a gym which is really what I was wanting at home. Love it! Full review here.

My New Shirts!

I’ve designed some super cute t-shirts that are perfect for summer. I am super happy with how they turned out and they are available now. If you’re interested, definitely check them out. My favorite for summer is the Vitamin Sea shirt because I love the ocean/the beach.

What are you loving so far for summer? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram.