Pengems Pen REVIEW

Pengems pens are really popular in the planning community. I saw someone mention Pengems on a Plan With Me video on youtube, and I wanted to find out more. There are so many beautiful pictures on instagram, but I couldn’t find many recent reviews. I always read reviews before I make a purchase, so hopefully this Pengems pen review helps you!


I ordered three pens online from Pengems. Each of the pens I chose were from the Northern Lights collection, but I just purchased them a la carte since they are no longer selling the Northern Lights collection as a set. I bought:

  • Iced Mint Autograph Crystal Pen
  • Elysian Lavender Autograph Crystal Pen
  • Celestial Pink Autograph Crystal Pen

At the time I ordered, the pens were $10 each and I had a 10% off coupon which brought my total to $27. If you want 10% off of your first order, use my referral link: 10% off

Shipping was super fast. I made my order on a Sunday and had my pens by Thursday. I was very impressed.

Inside my package were the three pens in their plastic boxes, three ballpoint ink refills, and a custom penguin paperclip — super cute little freebie.


These pens are gorgeous. I love the colors I chose and the crystals in the top are beautiful. The pens have a nice weight to them so they feel like a nice, high-quality custom pen. In the pens I chose, the tip and the clip at the top are gold.

Pengems are different than other crystal filled pens because they also have a gem on the top of each pen. I love this because I can see a little sparkle from the top when the pens are in a holder on my desk or just when I’m writing.


Pengems come preloaded with a black ballpoint ink cartridge. Ballpoint pens aren’t my favorite, but these definitely write smoothly. Each pen also comes with a separate ballpoint refill which is nice.

You have the option of ordering other types of ink refills from Pengems site. I chose to order some gel ink refills online separately so I could chose from a variety of colors.

The ink I bought is really nice. I love the way the gel ink writes and how easy it was to swap into my cute Pengems pen.

The long ink refills were too long to fit in my Pengems as they came, so I had to cut them down to match the side of the original ballpoint ink cartridge. Then I just transferred the ink cartridge top that came with my Penems pen and screwed it all back together. The only issue I had with this ink was that the ink would not retract back into the Pengems pen when I twisted the tip.

I then bought the correct, smaller size of replacement gel ink and it was perfect fitting, and writing. I really love how you can swap out the different kinds of ink so you can keep your Pengems pen body forever.


So far, I love my Pengems pens. They are beautiful and I love using my special pen throughout the day. I love how they add a touch of sparkle to whatever I’m doing and I enjoy using them. With the gel ink refills I bought, I love how the pens write and I don’t get any shadowing in my Erin Condren Life Planner.

I thought the price was a tad high at $9/pen (with the 10%), but I think it’s worth it because I can keep the pen forever and just swap out the ink as needed. Plus, they feel durable and nice quality that I would definitely repurchase.

I hope this review was helpful for you. Don’t forget to use my link for 10% off your first purchase.