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2017 Summer Favorites | Beauty & Lifestyle

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It’s favorites time! Now that it’s officially summer and things are heating up, I wanted to share some of the things I have been loving for summer and just in general lately.

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Spring Glitter Succulent Pots | DIY

Super cute spring glitter succulent pots diy. Fun project for a spring Saturday. Love the glitter!! muffinchanel. things you needI found the cutest DIY on Pinterest viaΒ missrenaissance.comΒ — DIY gold foil clay pots for succulents. I thought that this would be perfect for spring and I love succulents so I made my own! I didn’t have any gold foil handy, so I used glitter instead and made spring glitter succulent pots & I love how they turned out.Super cute spring glitter succulent pots diy. Fun project for a spring Saturday. Love the glitter!! muffinchanel. things you need

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NARS Matte Multiple (Altai) | Review

muffinchanel nars matte multiple altai reviewMatte makeup looks are supposedly really on trend this summer. I was really excited to get this matte color stick from NARS during the Spring Social Event at Sephora. I chose the color Altai because it looked like the perfect contour color for my medium toned skin. I had seen some pictures on Instagram & it either looked amazing or really orange, but I decided to give it a try.

I’m really happy that I did because it is not orange at all but instead, it’s an amazing natural bronze color that is perfect for contouring.

It isΒ $40 for only .26oz, but it will last you a long time. Altai is very pigmented. You can apply it directly to your face or lips for a very strong color payoff or you can apply it with a wet applicator for a more sheer look. I use it directly in the hollows of my cheeks and blend out for a more natural contour.

The formula is very smooth and creamy; very easy to blend but not greasy at all. I love the consistency. It lasts all day for me and looks flawless over my Tarte Airbrush Foundation. I really like Altai and how it’s so easy to apply and blend in but for the price, I don’t think it’s worth a repurchase.

Have you used any of the Matte Multiples? Which colors are your favorite and will you be repurchasing?

10 Spring Break Beauty Tips

It’s still snowing in some parts of the US, but in just a few days it will officially be spring! Which means that, for some of you, Spring Break is here or is just around the corner!

As you dig your bikinis and flip flops out of storage, it’s important to remember these Spring Break Beauty Tips whether you’re going to Cancun or hanging out with your family by the beach!

1. Drink plenty of water.Β Water is your best friend. It’s important to stay hydrated especially when out in the sun for extended periods of time. But also, if you’ll be traveling for your break, nothing will help your body acclimate faster than staying nice and hydrated.

2. Give your skin a break + let it breathe a little during your vacation. Try out some “no make up” looks if you choose to wear makeup. Otherwise, go for a natural sunscreen + chapstick only dewy look.

3. Try a fresh and fruity cleanser. Clean & Clear has this oil free pink grapefruit foaming scrub. I love the way this cleanser smells; so clean and fruity! It’s awesome and has these gentle exfoliating beads that help smooth away rough spots. It also contains salicylic acid which helps clear my skin up!

4. Use Sunscreen. Lots of it. Everyone wants to come back from spring break with a nice healthy glow, but be mindful about how long you’re in the sun. Sunburns are serious so apply a UVA/UVB sunscreen often and wear a hat or stay in a partially shaded area. Make sure to use it on your face and body.

5. Try some no-heat hair styles. If you’ll be in the sun but out of the water, opt for some fun braided, no-heat hairstyles. Braids are a soft, feminine way to keep your hair out of your face while giving you a nice, put-together but beachy look.

6. Try some new hair ties! Hold your braids together with cute, fun hair ribbons. If you haven’t used these ribbon hair ties before, definitely give them a try. They prevent breakage and come in a variety of colors. Check out some of the different varieties: here, here, and here.

7. Lock in the moisture in your hair. The sun + chlorinated or salty water can dry out your hair. If you’ll be in and out of water, try first to wet your hair and coat the ends with conditioner to lock in moisture.

8. Exfoliate. Pre, during, and post Spring Break. Exfoliating is the best way to keep your skin super soft and vacation ready. Before you embark on your journey, exfoliating will help you apply sunless tanning lotion evenly and prevent streaking. During your excursion, exfoliating will keep your skin from peeling or flaking from being out in the sun. And once you’re back home, it will help keep you looking glowy and fresh! I like to use the brown sugar and oatmeal body scrub from the San Francisco Bath Salt Company.

9. Get a Mani/Pedi. Nothing says Spring Break more than fun bright nail color! I like neon and bright pink nail polishes. Bright nail color can help you look extra tan. I really like Collide by Ilamasqua.

10. Hydrate your skin with an After Sun Lotion. I really like this lotion from Hawaiian Tropic it has aloe and feels nice and cooling on your skin after a long day in the sun. Your skin will thank you.

What are your plans for Spring Break? Share your Beauty Tips in the comments!

Urban Decay Electric Palette

Urban Decay is coming out with a new eyeshadow palette that promises to be electric!

urban decay electric palette

The palette is going to be full of fun bright colors — a nice contrast to the Naked palettes! I’m really excited to see these new electric shades for summer.

Urban Decay’s teaser ad.

UPDATE: Alleged swatches from the Electric Palette.

UPDATE: ^ It’s real. They are “pressed pigments” and some of the colors are “neon” and shouldn’t be used on the immediate eye area. :/ Kind of a deal breaker for me…what do you think? Check out this review by Temptilia. The Electric Palette will be released on March 18th for $49 at Sephora, Macy’s and Ulta stores.