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10 Spring Break Beauty Tips

It’s still snowing in some parts of the US, but in just a few days it will officially be spring! Which means that, for some of you, Spring Break is here or is just around the corner!

As you dig your bikinis and flip flops out of storage, it’s important to remember these Spring Break Beauty Tips whether you’re going to Cancun or hanging out with your family by the beach!

1. Drink plenty of water.Β Water is your best friend. It’s important to stay hydrated especially when out in the sun for extended periods of time. But also, if you’ll be traveling for your break, nothing will help your body acclimate faster than staying nice and hydrated.

2. Give your skin a break + let it breathe a little during your vacation. Try out some “no make up” looks if you choose to wear makeup. Otherwise, go for a natural sunscreen + chapstick only dewy look.

3. Try a fresh and fruity cleanser. Clean & Clear has this oil free pink grapefruit foaming scrub. I love the way this cleanser smells; so clean and fruity! It’s awesome and has these gentle exfoliating beads that help smooth away rough spots. It also contains salicylic acid which helps clear my skin up!

4. Use Sunscreen. Lots of it. Everyone wants to come back from spring break with a nice healthy glow, but be mindful about how long you’re in the sun. Sunburns are serious so apply a UVA/UVB sunscreen often and wear a hat or stay in a partially shaded area. Make sure to use it on your face and body.

5. Try some no-heat hair styles. If you’ll be in the sun but out of the water, opt for some fun braided, no-heat hairstyles. Braids are a soft, feminine way to keep your hair out of your face while giving you a nice, put-together but beachy look.

6. Try some new hair ties! Hold your braids together with cute, fun hair ribbons. If you haven’t used these ribbon hair ties before, definitely give them a try. They prevent breakage and come in a variety of colors. Check out some of the different varieties: here, here, and here.

7. Lock in the moisture in your hair. The sun + chlorinated or salty water can dry out your hair. If you’ll be in and out of water, try first to wet your hair and coat the ends with conditioner to lock in moisture.

8. Exfoliate. Pre, during, and post Spring Break. Exfoliating is the best way to keep your skin super soft and vacation ready. Before you embark on your journey, exfoliating will help you apply sunless tanning lotion evenly and prevent streaking. During your excursion, exfoliating will keep your skin from peeling or flaking from being out in the sun. And once you’re back home, it will help keep you looking glowy and fresh! I like to use the brown sugar and oatmeal body scrub from the San Francisco Bath Salt Company.

9. Get a Mani/Pedi. Nothing says Spring Break more than fun bright nail color! I like neon and bright pink nail polishes. Bright nail color can help you look extra tan. I really like Collide by Ilamasqua.

10. Hydrate your skin with an After Sun Lotion. I really like this lotion from Hawaiian Tropic it has aloe and feels nice and cooling on your skin after a long day in the sun. Your skin will thank you.

What are your plans for Spring Break? Share your Beauty Tips in the comments!

Holiday Travel Essentials | Flying

With the holidays right around the corner, many people will be traveling to visit friends and family, or just going on a vacation. Whatever your reason, air travel may be in your near future.

Whenever I fly anywhere, I purpose to pack as lightly as possible. No one wants to lug three suitcases and two totes through the airport; trust me. So, unless you’re going to be away for more than two weeks, try to fit everything into one duffle/suitcase and one larger “carry-on”/purse. Winter time can be more difficult, since many of our sweaters and jackets are bulky, but if you wear or carry some of the larger items, you’ll be fine.

I actually carry on all of my luggage, rather than checking a bag. No one wants to stand around the luggage carrousel after a long flight, waiting to find her bag with the pink ribbon (Tip: always give your bag some kind of distinguishing characteristic if you are checking luggage to help you identify your bag quickly and easily!)

Once you’re on the plane, you’re ready to sit back and enjoy the flight! Here are my travel essentials for your trip:

Large Tote — Think “Weekender Bag”

This will be your go-to bag for all things travel. Big enough to hold all of your essentials, but small enough to slide underneath the seat. I like this handbag by Michael Kors.


rei trader joes water bottles fruit bars muffinchanel

Fill your own water bottle once you are through airport security, or just buy a bottle from one of the many stores past the security gates.

It’s important to stay hydrated on the plane since the air can be very dry. Yes, the flight attendants will bring you a beverage and maybe a snack, but those cups are small and the attendants aren’t there to keep refilling your glass. So come prepared with your own water…


…and your own snacks. Plane food isn’t the best especially if you are on a short flight. You won’t be served a meal and if you get a snack, it’ll be a little packet of trail mix or something of the like. That’s fine in a pinch, but I’m all about being prepared and eating more than 5 mini pretzels, so I like to bring fruit bars. The “this strawberry walks into a bar” kind from trader joes are my favorite.

Hand Sanitizer

Purell muffinchanel

Don’t want to eat with dirty hands, of course. But you also want to protect yourself from all the germs on the plane. Anytime you touch your face, eyes or mouth, you want your hands to be clean.


NEOSPORIN muffinchanel

This may sound gross, but it’s a travel pro tip — put a little neosporin on your pinky finger and line the inside of your nose with it. It’s your own personal barrier against breathing in those germs!

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