14 Spring Break Essentials

Spring is officially here! The weather is warming up and you may be gearing up for a spring break trip. If you’re a planner like I am, you’re already getting your list ready of things to pack. Here’s a list of 14 spring break essentials:

1| bkr water bottles

It’s important to stay hydrated especially while out in the sun all day. These super cute bkr water bottles are made of glass and have a removable silicone sleeve. I love these water bottles  so much (I just bought two more — the 250mL in Bambi Heart, and the 500 mL in Jet). They are perfect for taking to the beach, the gym, or anywhere and they’re a great reminder to drink your water.

2 | Face wipes

Sometimes it’s not always easy to wash your face — maybe you’re too tired to properly wash it or maybe you just need to freshen up while at the beach. Makeup remover wipes like my favorite from Neutrogena are the perfect spring break companion. Just throw these in your beach bag or in your purse for an easy way to freshen up.

3 | Cute Hat

Block out that direct sun with a super cute hat. I like this lavender baseball hat for blocking those bright rays. It’s small so you can throw it in your bag, and the purple is the perfect pop for spring.

4 | A good book

Having a good book with you is perfect for travel or just relaxing at the beach. I’m reading The Alchemist and enjoying it so far. It’s good to have a book for when you want to unplug and just unwind during your spring break.

5 | Fun Nail Polish

Fun nail polish is definitely one of many spring break essentials. I love looking at my nails and seeing a cute, bright color. These Essie gel polishes are stunning. I love the juicy pink and coral — perfect for spring break (and helping you look extra tan).

6 | External Storage for iPhone

If you love taking photos on your iPhone, you know how quickly the storage can fill up. I always sync my phone and delete all pictures before a trip so I can have max space available for all the fun pictures I’ll take. With this little external hard drive for your phone, you can literally have twice the storage in the palm of your hand. You just plug in this drive and it’ll download all your pictures, so you can keep the photo shoots going.

7 | Ribbon Elastics/Hair Ties

Your hair can become damaged if you keep it up in the same ponytail all the time. Especially in spring when it’s getting hot and you reach for a hair tie more often. These cute ribbon hair ties prevent your hair from breakage because they are softer and won’t snap your hair. Definitely a spring break essential!

8 | Fun Phone Case

This phone case is really cute and fun for a trip or just whenever. Spring is the time to try out something new or change things up a little, so if you want a cute case, look no further.

9 | Lip Balm with SPF

I’ve been using the creme de rose lip balm for years now. It’s super luxurious and it even has SPF built in so it’s perfect as a spring break essential. I love the subtle rose scent and the cute packaging. Super easy to pop in your beach bag.

10 | Floral Phone Case

Nothing says spring like flowers. I like fun phone cases, but I don’t usually switch it up. I think this would be nice to have on a spring break vacation for an extra bit of beauty when you are by the pool or at the beach.

11 | Sunscreen

I love Josie Maran sunscreen and I wear it everyday now. Josie is great for your skin too because it’s made with argan oil which has been amazing for me. This sunscreen has SPF 47 so it’s perfect for that hot spring break vacation.

12 | Cute Sandals

I have these sandals in basically every color. Most recently I picked up the gold pair and they are the perfect way to dress up your spring break look while staying super comfortable.

13 | Extra Large Beach Towel/ Blanket

I love an extra large beach towel or blanket. It’s nice to be able to claim your little oasis on the beach and not need to worry about getting sand on everything. This beach towel is so cute from Target and I love the stripes.

14 | Ultra Dark Sunglasses

I love these sunglasses so much. They are ultra dark and the perfect size. Protect your eyes from the sun and look stylish with some dark sunglasses. I also like these because they come with a hard case that is perfect for spring break — you can throw these in a bag and not worry about breaking your glasses or them getting scratched. Definitely my favorite of all these spring break essentials.

What are your spring break essentials? Let me know in Twitter or Instagram