3 Awesome Spring DIYs To Make This Weekend

I have been loving the warmer weather and longer days that come with spring. When the sun is out later, I feel inspired to create and do more things. These are three DIYs that are fun and easy that you can do this weekend:

DIY Paper Flowers

Perfect for spring! I love flowers, but hate it when they start to wilt and die. These flowers will last forever and are so easy. I had all the materials I needed already at my house, so making these paper flowers was super quick. These would be great to sit on the dining table or to give as a gift for Mother’s Day.

Honeycomb Wall Art

This easy DIY custom art project was really fun to design. You just need this little hexagonal hole punch and some construction paper or card stock. I usedΒ some glitter paper and cardstock to create this green/blue glitter print.

DIY Glittered Mini Succulent Pots

These little pots are so cute. I love the rose gold glitter and design, but you can use any color glitter you want and you can make any design you think is best. I love succulents and these little pots make it nice to bring some green to my kitchen, bathroom, and work space.

Try out these awesome spring DIYs this weekend and share your projects on Twitter or Instagram!