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The Experimenter Gift Box | LUSH Haul

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My family bought be the best Lush box for my birthday — The Experimenter Gift Box, and it has so many of my Lush favorites inside. Now that it’s October and the weather is cooling down, I’m excited to start taking more baths. I love relaxing in a nice hot bath with a bath bomb and bubble bar. Here’s a look inside my amazing birthday gift — The Experimenter Gift Box:

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DIY Bath Bomb Recipe for Easter *LUSH-Inspired*

You already know how much I love LUSH Cosmetics — I love everything from their skincare to their bath products. It’s my love for their bath stuff that led me to making so many DIYs to try to recreate their amazing products at home. (If you haven’t seen my DIY Bubble Bar post, definitely check it out). Well, their Easter line is out now and I was inspired to make this DIY bath bomb recipe — check it out!

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DIY Valentine’s Day Bath Bombs

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorites. I love everything pink and all of the cute new products that LUSH releases each year. Check out my LUSH Valentine’s Day haul from 2015, or see my recipe to make your own Unicorn Horn bubble bar. I can’t wait for my LUSH to release the new Valentine’s products in store this year; I’ll definitely be posting a haul. But until then, I decided to make my own Valentine’s Day bath bombs and they turned out so cute. See the recipe to these super sweet heart-shaped and regular bath bombs here:

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DIY So White Bath Bomb | LUSH-Inspired

diy lush-inspired so white apple bath bomb smells like hot sparkling apple cider muffinchanel diy bath bomb recipe cute easy bath hacks fun pinterest lush recipe bath bombIt’s been so mush fun making DIY LUSH Christmas products this year. I love all of this year’s Christmas stuff. This DIY So White bath bomb is super easy and it smells like a zesty hot apple cider; very similar to the LUSH one. Here’s my LUSH-Inspired So White bath bomb: Continue reading