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2016 Birthday Wish List | Top 12 Gift Ideas

2016 birthday wish list bkr lancome iPhone lisa frank harry potter muffinchanelIt’s my birthday month! Each year I like to make a list of some things I’d love for my birthday. This time I’ve broken it up in to three different categories: Makeup/Skincare, Tech, and Extras.

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2015 Birthday Wishlist

Foldio – pop up photo studiofoldio-portable-studio-2973.0000001439153934I want the Foldio 2 because it’s a little bit bigger and has two sets of lights. I love taking pictures and I would love to have a mini studio for blog pictures or fun close-ups.

Apple iPhone 6s

iphone6-plus-box-silver-2014My contract is almost up and I would like the new iPhone 6s coming out in September. I thought about getting the plus version, but it might be a little too big for me. I read that the plus had better battery life and a better camera which would be great. I’m just hesitant about the AT&T Next plan. I don’t really want to pay monthly installments for a phone… :/

Green tea – tea daisy


I got a sample of the green tea and I loved it. It’s loose leaf (not in a tea bag) so you have to use a strainer to steep it. Green tea has a ton of great health benefits too, so I definitely will be getting some more soon.

Hypnose Drama mascara – Lancome


My 2015 birthday wishlist includes my favorite mascara. I love how it makes my lashes look super thick and dark. I recently got the waterproof type by mistake and I’m so happy it’s nearly gone because I prefer the regular version.


Happy Birthday | Lush

lush muffinchanel happy birthday gift box

I am so excited about this gift box from Lush. I love the fun, colorful wrapping paper and bright orange bow. I love getting individual items from Lush, but it always extra nice to have a neatly wrapped package. 🙂 I received this wonderful box…well, for my birthday. And what a Happy Birthday indeed!

tag muffinchanelThe Happy Birthday gift box comes with four bath bombs and two bubble bars. (And fun streamers and a noise maker!!)

22 muffinchanel happy birthday lushEverything smells amazing — like Lush! The set comes with The Comforter (my fave) bubble bar, Pop In the Bath bubble bar, Avobath bath bomb, Big Blue bath bomb, Phoenix Rising, and Fizzbanger bath bomb.

These are a few of my favorite bath goodies at Lush so this is a perfect gift for me. Plus, I love all the colors. They’re almost too pretty to use! Almost. 🙂