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Sunday Riley Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment Review

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I’ve been using my Sunday Riley Good Genes all-in-one lactic acid treatment for over a month now and I am so excited to do a review. Here’s a look at what Good Genes is, and my experience using it for a month:

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Holiday Gift Guide 2017 | Things I Love

This post may contain affiliate links; all opinions are my own.

If you’re looking for some gift-giving inspiration for the holidays, take a look at my holiday gift guide. There’s a little something for everyone — from cool tech finds to cute winter clothes to skincare — you’ll be sure to get the inspiration you need. These are all things I love, or would love to receive during the holidays. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Love List | Gift Guide

muffinchanel-2014-valentines-day-gift-guide1-1024x10241. Starbucks Gift Card | Starbucks, various denominations

If your Valentine likes Starbucks, gift cards are the way to go. They even have cute, Valentine’s Day themed cards online and in-store. Even just $5 is super sweet to give to school friends, family or a co-worker.

2. Veranda Place Bee Wristlet | Kate Spade, $98

This wristlet is so cute! Pink with bows? You can’t go wrong. It’s great because it can hold your cards & money and be a sort of on-the-go wallet or throw it in your purse to help you stay organized. Perfect for your sister or best friend….or yourself!

3. togoPower Boost Keychain | Photojojo, $40

This keychain holds up to 1.5 hrs of extra battery life for your phone. It’s small and fits on your key ring. This would be great for anyone, even the guy in your life. A boost of power can help you stay connected with your Valentine when they need it most.

4. Valentine’s Day socks | Nordstrom, $10

Everyone loves a cute pair of socks. These pink, heart socks are sweet and cozy. Perfect for your sister or school friends. Tie them up with a ribbon and some candy & you’re good to go!

5. Too Faced Plump Gloss Glow | Sephora, $42

This set from Sephora comes with a mascara, nude lipstick, and a heart shaped pink blush. Very Valentine’s Day appropriate! The blush looks nice and rosy with a shimmer highlighter built in. A great  Valentine’s Day gift for the makeup lover in your life. 

6. Rue iPhone 5 Case | Marc Jacobs, $48

This iPhone case is so fun and pink! With a black cat with white mascara detail around the eyes, this gift is perfect for your best friend or sister who like trendy things or anything Marc Jacobs. The case bulges in certain areas around the phone so you’ll always have a good grip!

7. “Love Edge” Stud Earrings | Marc Jacobs, $42

Sleek, simple heart earrings are perfect for a casual day or a romantic Valentine’s Day evening. Delicate & dainty and perfect for the girly girl in your life.

8. Hanalei Triangles iPhone 5 Case | Pura Vida Bracelets, $20

This case is fun and beachy. Perfect for your friend who isn’t really into Valentine’s, but you still want to get them something. It has a slightly romantic feel with the layers of colors, but it’s perfect to give year round. Check the site for other fun case options!

9. Heart Compact | Marc Jacobs, $7

This mirrored compact is super cute to give to your teammates, school friends or anyone who would like a heart shaped mirror. At just $7, it’s a cute gift for everyone.

10. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Gift Trio | Sephora, $120

My favorite fragrance of all time! Flowerbomb is a super floral scent that just makes you happy when you smell it. This set comes with the fragrance, a shower gel, and a body cream. And if you get it from Sephora with your Beauty Insider card, you’ll earn triple points. This gift is great for a girlfriend/wife.

11. Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker Complexion Kit | Sephora, $68

This set is perfect for your mother, your sister, or anyone who likes makeup/skincare. The set comes with a bottle of the Josie Maran Argan Oil Light, Cheek Gelée, Matchmaker Powder Foundation, and Matchmaker Serum Foundation. It’s limited edition and there are three color options. 

12. Dior Creme de Rose Lip Balm | Sephora, $27

Love this lip balm! It’s amazing! Perfect for the bestie or family member in your life who cares about skincare or lip products. This balm will heal chapped, winter lips and can be used as a primer, on its own, or as a treatment. Plus, it’s sheer pink and romantic in its embelished white case.

Top 10 – September Favorites

  • Skillful Means by Tarthang Tulku


This book is all about improving your life by being mindful of what is happening right now. I first read this book a couple of years ago and it’s great. How many times are you walking to class or your car or at the mall and you’re on your cell phone? Or how often are you thinking about the XYZ you have to do tomorrow or next week instead of paying attention to what you are doing right now? All we have is the present — this moment. Skillful Means is all about living in the moment you are in; being mindful about what is going on around you. No distractions — just really being self aware and clearing your mind. It’s a great book that will help you focus and appreciate what’s happening all around you.

  • Starbucks Star Dash


From now until October 1, Starbucks is doing their Star Dash. Basically, it’s another incentive for you to go to Starbucks during certain times of the year in order to accumulate stars to earn a gift card. This “Star Dash” is different from the stars you earn with the Rewards Card, although, you do need a rewards card to participate. Separate from the regular stars you earn with the Rewards Card, these “Star Dash” stars will give you $5 or $10 gift cards depending on how many you get before the deadline. Each transaction will ear you one star. I’m on my way to earning the $10 gift card!

  • Mediterranean Veggie sandwich (Panera)


New favorite sandwich for sure. I was looking for some meatless options at different restaurants and a friend suggested I try this sandwich from Panera. It’s amazing —  lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, red peppers, cilantro/jalepeño hummus, and feta swiss cheese (I prefer swiss) on tomato basil bread. I bought ingredients today to make my own version at home! YAY!

  • iOS7


I love the clean look and feel of the iOS7 update. I have the iPhone 4S and my camera app is faster and I really like having the “live filters”. Command Center is great and I really like all the new ringtones/sounds. It’s neat to have the option to block contacts and to be able to multi-task between apps.

  • Clear

Clear is a simple task management/list application. It’s clean and easy to navigate with lots of color schemes to choose from.

  • iTunes Radio


iTunes radio is basically like Pandora. I prefer it because it’s already integrated into iTunes and it remembers the songs I’ve listened to and makes it easy for me to purchase them if I choose. You can create your own “stations” and mark that you like certain songs. There’s even a Top 100 iTunes radio and you can listen to a shuffle of all the Top 100 songs on iTunes. I think this is awesome for getting high quality audio for more than just a preview of a song you might be interested in buying.

  • The Killers – Shot At The Night

It was actually through iTunes Radio that I first heard “Shot At The Night”. ^^^


The Killers songs are always a little vague, but this one seems to be about taking this once in a lifetime opportunity to get out of a situation that is stale and move on to a life that is exciting and full of happiness. I love this. Plus who doesn’t love a nice 80’s synth ballad! Yay for new music from The Killers! I’m excited for Direct Hits to come out in November.

  • Lighted Makeup Mirror


This mirror is great for applying makeup or tweezing your brows. With 8xs magnification and 360 degree rotation, you’ll be sure to see exactly what you are doing!

  • SEPHORA COLLECTION – Pro Stippling Brush #44


I’m surprised this brush doesn’t have better reviews online. A lot of people are saying the brush sheds, but I’ve never experienced any shedding. I really like this brush. I use it to apply my Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Foundation. The brush gives my skin an even, airbrushed yet natural look. The natural and synthetic fibers work together to give a streak-free application that looks great all day.

This dress is super cute. I bought it for a friend’s wedding next month but I can see myself getting a lot of use out of it. The lace design is really pretty, but durable — this isn’t some dainty-be-careful-or-it’ll-rip lace. The A-line makes it flattering for all body shapes and it’s very comfortable on.