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7 Tips to Prepare for House Guests

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With the holidays approaching, you may be getting ready to host an event at your home. Preparing for your guests to arrive doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal. You obviously want your guests to feel welcome and feel comfortable in your home, so these are my 7 tips to prepare for your guests and to ensure your guests’ stay is enjoyable:

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27 Things To Get Rid Of This Month

The new year is a perfect time to start clean and fresh. It’s time to focus on what you truly want in life and what will help you to reach that goal. Going into 2017, I’ve made a point to clear out any things that I don’t want to carry with me into the new year. If something isn’t serving you or bringing you joy, cut it out of your life. Here are 27 things you need to get rid of this month:

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Benefit Brow Bar Experience

I love a nice, thick eyebrow. I fill my eyebrows in with the ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Beauty Express For Brows and Eyes and I’m usually pretty pleased with how they turn out, but I haven’t ever really had them “shaped”.

Filled in with Anastasia Beauty Express

Surprise! Lots of stray hairs; not a very “clean” look + my “brow-hawk” ^

I’ve attempted to use the stencils in the Anastasia kit but they never worked for me. I’ve drawn the lines for my “perfect ratio”, but was always reluctant to tweeze in case I took too much and messed up my face. So, I left my caterpillars alone and I told myself that I was “growing them out so I could get them professionally done”.

Filled in with Anastasia Beauty Express

Filled in with Anastasia Beauty Express

So, when I started hearing more about the Benefit Brow Bar, I thought this would be a good time for me to clean up my brows and get them professionally shaped. I’ve had my brows waxed at the nail salon many years ago and I thought it turned out alright, but they just cleaned up the stray hairs; they didn’t map out the best shape for my face.

There’s a Brow Bar in a nearby Macy’s and an Ulta, but I opted to go to the one in Ulta because the Macy’s one had a few bad reviews. I’m all about the reviews; I always check places that I’m interested in going! If any of you are the same way, I hope this experience review helps you out! 🙂

muffinchanel benefit ulta brow bar experience review

So, I go over to the Benefit section of Ulta and two estheticians are already with clients. One of the girls asked me if I had an appointment, and I told her no & asked if they took walk-ins. She said that she could take me in 5 minutes. So I looked around for a while before she called me over.

muffinchanel benefit ulta brow bar experience review

I sat in the chair and told her that I just wanted a brow wax. They also do brow tinting and lip waxing. She had me sign a waiver that basically says that Benefit is not responsible if you breakout or get a rash from the wax and that you acknowledge that you aren’t taking accutane or using retinol.

Brow Mapping

She walked me through the process since this was my first time and cleansed by brows with a cotton ball and some solution. She then used the Brow Mapping technique to find that perfect ratio for my face and drew lines with a brown makeup crayon. I looked at the outline in the mirror and she asked if I liked the shape or if I wanted my brows to be thinner. I told her I wanted a fuller brow and she told me that she was going to wax everywhere outside of the lines she drew. She then used a spoolie to comb all of my brow hairs up to trim them with scissors and then the same thing after brushing them down.


muffinchanel benefit brow bar ulta macy's review experience before after

The wax was a pearly white color and she applied it with a thin wooden applicator. Everything was really sanitary and clean. She applied a cloth to the waxed area, pulled the skin taught, and pulled the cloth away. It didn’t hurt but it surprised me at first. The rest of the waxing was easy since I knew what to expect.


After the wax, she used a cleanser to help remove any excess wax. She applied Almond Oil to help soothe and calm the redness & then she put on a moisturizer. She really let everything soak in and gave my face some time to relax.


She used a spoolie to comb through the hairs and help her get to the stray hairs that needed tweezing. There wasn’t much to be tweezed after the wax.


After everything, she used a concealer crayon above and below my brows, some foundation to help cover up the redness, and filled in my brows so that I wouldn’t look like I’d just gotten them done while running the rest of my errands.


muffinchanel benefit brow bar ulta macy's review experience before after

Overall, I am super happy with the way they turned out and I will definitely go back. I knew that brows really framed your face and could change your look, but I didn’t realize what I was missing! My eyebrows look so clean and sharp now; it’s awesome! So happy I went! The service at the Benefit Brow Bar was great. I really appreciate how they take the time to explain each step of the process & how they touch up your makeup before you leave.

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are your tools to creating that perfect look — you have brushes for eyeshadow, for your foundation, contouring, and more. With the right tools, you can do almost anything! But makeup brushes need to be cleaned or else they can collect dirt/bacteria which can affect your skin.

muffinchanel-clean-makeup-brushes-mac-sephora-978x1024How to clean your makeup brushes

*Always hold your brush with the bristles pointing down during the cleaning process — if water seeps into the base of the bristles, it can break down the glue and destroy your brush. Quality makeup brushes can be expensive; you’ll want to be careful when cleaning them to protect your investment*

  • Run your brush under warm water to break up any surface makeup.
  • Squeeze a small amount of the Mac brush cleanser or Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple into the palm of your hand. (You can use baby shampoo or even olive oil as well).
  • Swirl the brush into the cleanser of your choice and rinse under warm water.
  • Repeat cleansing and rinsing until water runs clear.
  • Reshape your brush.
  • Set brush on an incline on a towel until brush is dry.

muffinchanel-clean-makeup-brushes-mac-sephora-wet11-1024x672This is a pretty deep-cleansing method and it will take a while for your brushes to dry. So make sure you apply your makeup before cleansing your brushes.

It’s up to you how often you want to clean your makeup brushes. If you’re looking for a faster clean, however, Sephora has a spray on brush cleaner for more of everyday use.

How often do you clean your make up brushes?

Lush Holiday Favorites

Every year, Lush comes out with its holiday gift sets, bath bombs, bubble bars, and more. Some of the seasonal scents are less than magical for me, but there are a few that I really look forward to.

Golden Wondermuffinchanel lush holiday favorites

This bath bomb is huge! It’s $6.95 and shaped like a present with a white bow on top. I used this the other night and it smells lovely.

Christmas Eve
muffinchanel lush holiday favorites

My favorite Christmas themed bubble bar. Super relaxing; makes your water so silky and pretty blue.


muffinchanel lush holiday favorites

You can’t go wrong with this yellow bomb at $4.95. With red “pop rocks?” inside, you’ll feel like you are sitting near a crackling fire with this cinnamon scented bomb.

Do you have any LUSH holiday recommendations? What are your favorites?

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