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Dining Room Makeover – Target Furniture

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I am all about creating the perfect space for me. I only want to surround myself with things that I love, and things that are serving me. I did an entire post on items to get rid of and purge from your life, and overall I am feeling really great about not having “excess” in my life. With that said, we have had a dining room table without chairs for over two years now. We finally found the perfect chairs and made the decision to buy them. I love them so far; and the best part is that they are from Target!

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Honeycomb Wall Art DIY

muffinchanel honeycomb wall art diy hexagon canvas cute art pinterest decorI found this cute hexagon hole punch online and wanted to try out some fun DIY art pieces. Lately, I’ve been seeing DIY hexagon/honeycomb shelves — I think they look so exciting and sleek, but wood working isn’t something i’m familiar with but I still love the honeycomb accent, so I thought this was a cool idea.

I made these cute canvas honeycomb art pieces and I am in love. With spring coming up, I chose greens and blues for a “nature” vibe and I added a silver glitter pop to make it a little more interesting.

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Gift Guide Holiday 2015

MuffinChanel Holiday Gift Guide 2015.Hello December!

Here is my Gift Guide Holiday 2015 with prices ranging from $6 to $96. These gifts are obviously things that I would love to receive, but also gifts that many people in your life would probably like to receive as well.

MuffinChanel Holiday Gift Guide 2015

  1. Tea Infuser
    • I’ve been loving loose leaf tea vs. tea bag tea. Better flavor and “more health benefits”… I love all the cute tea infusers too; this one is like a tea wand. ~$7.
  2. iPhone 6s case
    • This phone case has a double barrier, plastic casing with water and glitter in between. Yes, glitter! It’s so pretty and sparkly. ~$13.
  3. Josie Maran – Argan Oil
    • Obviously, Josie is on my list. Especially in the winter time, this argan oil is so hydrating and amazing with multiple uses — a little goes a long way. $96.
  4. Yarn
    • Knitting is such a fun, and relaxing hobby. I love knitting (still working on that blanket!) and these colors are so bright and soft. ~$6.
  5. Starbucks Tumbler – Venti
    • A good tumbler is a must-have for me. It really encourages me to drink water throughout the day and you can get new lids/straws to keep your tumbler fresh and exciting. ~$17.
  6. Creme De Rose – Dior Lip Balm
    • This lip balm is so smooth but not sticky. Its hydrating and luxurious. I like to wear it at night as a “mask” and when I wake up, my lips are soft and revitalized. I love this during the winter time. $28.
  7. NEST Fragrances – Bamboo Reed Diffuser
    • These NEST Fragrances are great for the home. I love how rich the oils are; the scent really permeates throughout the entire house. $42.
  8. FlowerBomb – Viktor & Rolf
    • My favorite fragrance! I think this will be my signature scent forever; it’s very floral and delicious. Get a small size as a gift for your sister or bestie. $50.
  9. Anastasia Beverly Hills – Brow Wiz (Ebony)
    • I love the Brow Wiz. It really helps me shape and define my eyebrows. I love the texture of the pencil and the spoolie at the other end lets me blend everything together for a natural, defined look. ~$23.
  10. Golden Wonder Bath Bomb – LUSH
    • This lovely bath bomb makes your bath into a swirling, shimmering gold sea of warm unicorn magic. I love it. It’s perfect. Yes. $7.
  11. Essie – A List
    • Super pretty red nail polish for the holidays. Nice stocking stuffer or a filler gift for your friends or yourself! $8.50.
  12. Doctor Who – Season 8
    • I love Doctor Who. If you or your friend does too, give this DVD set or even just gift them on iTunes. *hums Doctor Who theme song* ~$55.

muffinchanel erin condren gift wrap guide

Don’t forget to wrap all of your gifts in Erin Condren gift wrap! The designer wrapping paper and labels all coordinate to make your gifts look extra special. Plus, get $10 off your Erin Condren purchase by creating an account through my link. Happy Holidays!


DIY Soy Candles

Fall is here! It’s time to pull out those blankets, grab a hot cup of tea, and read a book by the fire. Nothing sets that cozy mood like the flickering fire light, so if you don’t have a fireplace, or if you just want to amp up that autumn vibe it’s super easy to make your own candles!

muffinchanel make soy candles at home super easy!Soy candles burn “cleaner” and don’t have the chemicals that paraffin candles have. They’re great because they burn slower too so your candle will last longer & you can add whatever scent you like, so you can personalize a gift for friends and family.

Making your own candles will save you money — plus this DIY Soy Candles guide is extremely easy and fun! I made all of these candles in about 30 minutes (not counting setting time) and I love them. They’ll make a beautiful and thoughtful gift for any occasion and you can customize them in so many ways.

muffinchanel make soy candles at home super easy! what you need soy wax candle wicks jarHere’s what you’ll need*

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