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Honeycomb Wall Art DIY

muffinchanel honeycomb wall art diy hexagon canvas cute art pinterest decorI found this cute hexagon hole punch online and wanted to try out some fun DIY art pieces. Lately, I’ve been seeing DIY hexagon/honeycomb shelves — I think they look so exciting and sleek, but wood working isn’t something i’m familiar with but I still love the honeycomb accent, so I thought this was a cool idea.

I made these cute canvas honeycomb art pieces and I am in love. With spring coming up, I chose greens and blues for a “nature” vibe and I added a silver glitter pop to make it a little more interesting.

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DIY Soy Candles

Fall is here! It’s time to pull out those blankets, grab a hot cup of tea, and read a book by the fire. Nothing sets that cozy mood like the flickering fire light, so if you don’t have a fireplace, or if you just want to amp up that autumn vibe it’s super easy to make your own candles!

muffinchanel make soy candles at home super easy!Soy candles burn “cleaner” and don’t have the chemicals that paraffin candles have. They’re great because they burn slower too so your candle will last longer & you can add whatever scent you like, so you can personalize a gift for friends and family.

Making your own candles will save you money — plus this DIY Soy Candles guide is extremely easy and fun! I made all of these candles in about 30 minutes (not counting setting time) and I love them. They’ll make a beautiful and thoughtful gift for any occasion and you can customize them in so many ways.

muffinchanel make soy candles at home super easy! what you need soy wax candle wicks jarHere’s what you’ll need*

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