Dining Room Makeover – Target Furniture

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I am all about creating the perfect space for me. I only want to surround myself with things that I love, and things that are serving me. I did an entire post on items to get rid of and purge from your life, and overall I am feeling really great about not having “excess” in my life. With that said, we have had a dining room table without chairs for over two years now. We finally found the perfect chairs and made the decision to buy them. I love them so far; and the best part is that they are from Target!


As I mentioned, we’ve had the dining room table for years, without chairs. The table is beautiful, and I love the pattern & color, but it was much harder to find the chairs that I loved.

Chairs can be super expensive — some of the ones that I liked were between $150 – $400. Per chair! I wanted high quality furniture that would last me for years — not just trendy/cheapy furniture that I wouldn’t love, or that would need to be replaced after a year. There are a lot of options available, but none of them were really vibing with me. So, I didn’t buy anything — for over two years.

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Recently, I was browsing through Target’s website, and I found the cutest chairs that looked like they would be the perfect compliment to our dining room table. The chairs had good reviews and I had my red card debit card for a discount and free shipping, so we decided to buy them!

The chairs shipped and were delivered super quickly to my door which was great because we didn’t want to have to load/unload the car. I did have to build the chairs, which I guess is the price you pay for them being more inexpensive. I like building things, so it was actually pretty fun.

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We bought six chairs, and they took about 40 minutes to build each chair. The quality is great. I knew that the chairs had good reviews, but I am so pleased with how sturdy and durable the chairs feel. They are a slight bit heavy, so sliding in and out from under the table is a little more difficult. But I’d rather the chairs feel more weighty than cheap and flimsy.


I’m not really interested in seasonal decor since I prefer my purchases to be more “timeless”/useful year-round. I did decide to purchase a runner for the table, and a serving dish from the Hearth and Hand collection. I figure that I would be happy with those items all year long, so I was happy to have them to spruce up our new seating area.

Overall, I am so impressed with the quality of Target’s furniture, and I am loving how the little runner ties everything together. I’m excited to have friends and family over and sit at the table for food and games!