My new bkr Water Bottles + Black Friday

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After one of my bkr bottles recently broke, I was on the lookout for another bkr replacement (you can never have too many). And then bkr had their Friends and Family sale! I picked up a few things I wanted to share, and also wanted to let you know that they are having their Black Friday sale today — 25% off using code BLACKFRIDAY2017.


If you saw one of my last posts, you know that I was super sad when my 500 ml bkr water bottle broke. I was able to salvage the lid and the cute Elle Heart sleeve, but I needed a new bottle. You can buy individual bottle replacements from the bkr website, so I did that and I also got a few other items.

The Friends and Family sale was 25% off, so I decided to buy two 500ml bkr water bottles. I also bought a bottle cleaner brush since my dishwasher just isn’t doing the best job anymore.


These colors are so cute. I already have the Baby color in the 1L size. I take that one everywhere with me because it’s just so pretty, and obviously the water too. But I wanted to get the Baby in the 500ml size just to have on my desk, and I thought the Rosy color looked gorgeous. It’s like an orange/red color that is so bright and pretty; it makes me happy just looking at it.

my new Little (500ml) in Baby vs. Big (1L) in Baby


Now that I have these two new bottles, I thought it would be a good time to share my full collection of bkr bottles.

I love all of my cute bkr bottles. I love that they are glass, and water just tastes better when I drink from them. And I love the colorful silicone sleeves — they just look chic on my desk, and I love looking over and seeing something pretty on my desk. I only want to surround myself with things I love, and my bkr is one of the things I love.


I just got an email today for the bkr Black Friday sale. It’s 25% off which is the best discount I’ve seen from bkr.Β I hope you all had a nice thanksgiving!!