My bkr Water Bottle Broke

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If you frequent my blog, you know that I love my bkr water bottles so much. They are usually included in my monthly favorites posts, and I use them every single day. So you already know that I was super sad when my 500ml Elle Heart bkr broke. Here’s what happened:

I had filled up my water bottle the night before and brought it to bed with me. The next morning I took my bottle to the sofa and cuddled up under the blanket I recently finished knitting (it’s my favorite blanket; I love it).

Anyway, my bottle was fine when I brought it to the sofa, carrying it by the loop on the lid. When I grabbed it to drink while I was under my blanket, the lid just popped off. I thought that was really weird since I’m usually really good about screwing the lid back on snugly. Then I realized that the lid wasn’t unscrewed; it had broken off in my hand. The lid came off with a jazzed piece of glass still attached! My bkr bottle was cracked, but it was all still contained within the silicone sleeve.

Such a bummer since I seriously love these bottles. I’m not really sure what even happened. I guess I crushed it while laying on the sofa??

I carefully emptied the water bottle so I could salvage the pink silicone sleeve, and I managed to unscrew the lid from the jagged glass. It was kind of cool to see how thick the glass really is, and how the silicone sleeve really kept everything together.

I still really love my bkr bottles and use them every day. This is the first time that anything has happened to them in the entire time I’ve had them – and I bought my first bkr in early 2016.

There are individual glass bottles (without a sleeve or cap) that I can buy from bkr for just $12, so I might do that. I also have other bkr bottles in the 500 ml size that I could just swap silicone sleeves with if I choose to take my Elle Heart bottle out. We’ll see — I think my Elle Heart bottle was my favorite 500 ml bkr.

Also, have you seen the swarovski crystal bkr bottles? The lid has 500 crystals encrusted into the top, and the proceeds go to charity. The are pretty pricey, but super pretty.