Purging + Organizing my Closet | New Sweaters from Target

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As part of getting ready for the new year, I like to go through my closet and dresser to see if there are any clothes that I should donate. I look for items that I didn’t wear the entire year, or things that no longer fit, or just things that don’t make me happy. Whatever those items are, we pack them up and donate them. After going through and organizing, I could see what I had and what I needed more clearly. 

I love purging things from my life that are no longer serving me or making me happy. It feels really freeing to get the clutter out, and to make room for things I truly love. When you let go of the things you know longer use/need, then you can really step back and evaluate the situation clearly.

I needed a few long sleeved sweaters that I could wear in winter, so I went looking at Target. I love it there because their clothes are mostly good quality, and also really affordable. Plus, they are good with returns, and I get an extra 5% off with my Target debit card. I picked up these three items:


This super soft knitted sweater is on clearance right now, so it may be hard to find. I love the colors and how thick and quality it feels.


I love the nautical vibe. This shirt is stretchy and a little on the thicker side, so you could wear it underneath a vest, or on its own with jeans.


Again with the stripes. I love a good stripe! This hoodie is a little on the boxier side and more casual. I like the large pocket in the front, and the metal ends to the hood pulls.

Because everything is a neutral color, I can continue to wear these items in any situation and for years to come. I really like grey and neutrals anyway, so these items will fit in with my wardrobe nicely. Part of purging clutter from your life is not bringing more clutter in. So, I chose these pieces because they fit with my wardrobe that I am building of things I love and that I love to wear.

If you are interested in building a wardrobe of things you love, start today. Clean out your closet of things you no longer wear and no longer love. It it doesn’t fit, it needs to go too. Donate your items so that someone else can enjoy and love those items. Once you’ve gotten the clutter out, evaluate what you want your wardrobe to be. Figure out what colors you like to wear, and what styles look best on you. Then, as you need a new item, buy that one item in the color and style that works best for you and makes you happy. And slowly build the perfect wardrobe for you. ❤︎