MUJI Pen Review

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I recently discovered the Muji gel-ink ballpoint pens, and decided to try them out after hearing such good things. I really love pens and stationary, and my planner so I hoped that these pens would work for me.

As part of getting ready for the new year, I went through so many of my older pens and threw away the ones that I never use and that had run out of ink. I also gave away a pretty large box full of ones that still write but that were just not serving me stored in a closet.

I bought the set of 9 Muji pens in the .5 mm size. and they were under $13. I also have Prime, so they arrived in just 2 days.


These pens are pretty basic when it comes to design. There is no fancy grip or retractable ink. The opaque plastic body is fine to hold; it’s not the most comfortable, but it’s fine. You can see the color ink through the body of the pen, and the lid is colored as well.

The very top of the lid shows the thickness of the point. I bought the .5mm, but they also had .38 for ultra fine writing, and .7 for a bolder font. I prefer the finer point, but if you like the .7 size, then you may want to consider the PaperMate InkJoy. I have those pens and I did a review on them as well. The tip of the pen is metal and is pretty small which I like.

Here’s a look at all the colors:


The ink is smooth and vibrant. I like the overall feel of writing and the flow of the ink. If you are writing a lot and then pause for a moment, the ink can pool a little and I don’t really care for that. The ink takes a few seconds to dry, but most gel pens do.

You can replace the ink by unscrewing the bottom of the body.


The key for me is if the pens would write well in my planner since I use it every day and was interested in maybe using these to color code or to just doodle in the margins.

These pens are great for my planner. I love how smoothly they write and the colors show up well. Erin Condren planners now have thicker paper which I am loving, but there still is some shadowing with the darker ink.

These pens are nice for the price, and I love the colors. The ink is smooth and starts right away which is great. I’m going to keep using them and see how long the ink lasts, but so far they are a winner for me.