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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2018

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Valentine’s Day is almost here and I love it — the pink and the hearts — it’s great. If you’re looking for a gift for your Valentine, I hope this gift guide gives you some inspiration. ♡

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DIY Home Fragrance

DIY simple home fragranceI love it when my house smells good — when we’re cooking, or if I have candles burning. I love that fresh laundry smell or fresh ground coffee smell. #allthesmells … but not all at once, obviously.

Recently I’ve been trying to avoid Fabreeze-type air fresheners and traditional candles because of all the chemicals. I don’t want to breathe those toxins just to have a “fresh” smelling house, so I have tried out some homemade fragrance ideas I saw on Pinterest…and this one is amazing. This DIY Home Fragrance is natural and smells amazing!

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Quick & Easy Valentine’s Day DIY Gift

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and if you’re looking for a quick and easy DIY gift, look no further. I found this simple Valentine’s Day themed candy jar idea through Pinterest from thefrugalgirls.com, so I thought I’d re-create it as a perfect gift for friends and family.

muffinchanel-valentines-day-diy-gift-materials-1024x661I love the Valentine’s Day themed M&M’s! Even though they taste the same, all Pink’s and Red’s seem magical. ❤ Anyway, it’s pretty straight forward — separate your M&M’s by color and layer them into your mason jar.

muffinchanel-valentines-day-2014-diy-craft-gift-ideas-1024x768Then, to make it a little extra special, I cut out a few hearts out of the red construction paper and wrote some fun Valentine’s Day themed notes — “I love you” & “You’re sweet”. I slid the hearts into the side of the jar so that they’ll show through the glass.

muffinchanel-valentines-day-2014-gift-guide-diy-1024x768As an extra detail, I cut a circle out of the construction paper to cover the lid of the mason jar. Then I cut a ‘tag’ out of the construction paper as a To: label and attached it to the jar with some red yarn. Super easy! Just make sure to get a smaller/cuter sized mason jar so the M&M’s can fill it all the way. 🙂

muffinchanel-mms-valentines-day-gift-guide-2014-diy1-1024x893I’ve been wanting to get more into Pinterest, so if you have an account, I’d love to start following you. Post your links in the comments! ❤