2017 Favorites | Beauty and Lifestyle Favorites

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Now that 2017 is officially over, I’ve put together a round-up of some of my most favorite things in the year. Check out my 2017 beauty and lifestyle favorites.


We had the best trip to Oahu and Maui in 2017. I love Hawaii because it is so beautiful and vibrant everywhere. In Oahu, we hiked up Diamond Head which was so much fun and we spent a lot of time at the beach in Maui. I love the ocean and relaxing at the beach; definite 2017 favorite.


During a trip to San Francisco, we ate dinner at Shizen Vegan Sushi Bar. Their sushi is so good. We arrived right when they opened and it filled up right away. Apparently they have a line out the door every night. My favorite roll was the Hidden Agenda. I hope to get to go there again sometime soon.


I have been loving my iPad to take on the go. It’s super portable, and I can do a lot on it. I use my Apple Pencil to draw and practice my hand-lettering with the Procreate app. I drew a cute little Christmas tree design and I’m super proud of it.


Good Genes has been so nice for my skin. I love how the texture of my skin has improved, and how quickly I saw results. This was the first chemical exfoliant I’d ever used, so I wasn’t sure what to really expect. I am using it every other night now and it’s been a nice addition to my night time skincare routine.


Having a treadmill has been so great for me. I love being able to workout whenever I want, and having privacy in my own house. Since I’ve lost 40lbs. now (yay!), I am able to run a lot faster and have better endurance. My treadmill is still performing great and feels sturdy. I enjoy running, and it just makes it a lot better and convenient for me to have my own treadmill.


This game is so cute and relaxing. I used to play Animal Crossing on the Wii, so I was super excited when it came out on iOS. The game is free to download and play. In the game, you are the Camp Manager, and you go around collecting fruits, shells, and other items to give to your cute little animal friends. Giving the items helps to increase your friendship levels and you can invite them to your campsite. The animals require special furniture, so you also have to craft their favorite items. It’s really fun, and “low pressure” that you can just enjoy when you have a minute.


I love the bkr water bottles; they are beautiful and inspire me to drink water. I actually love water anyway, but the bkr bottles are great to motivate me to drink more. Bkr bottles are glass so your water just tastes clean and fresh. The colorful silicone sleeve looks great on your desk or in your bag and just brings a pop of style into your life.


The Noni Glow face oil is so great. I love face oils and I use this one almost every day. I even bought a second bottle because I love it so much. I put it all over my face and sown my neck. I’ll even bring it down to my chest a little. Basically, I bathe in this face oil, and I feel like it has helped improve my skin’s brightness and softness.


My Life Planner keeps me organized and on track with my goals. I love it so much because it helps me with everything from my money to my weight loss to my blog. It’s so personal and truly helps me plan my life. Save $10 off Erin Condren when you create an account through my link.


I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to handle the size difference between the 6s and the 8 Plus, but I love my new phone. The camera is so much better and the battery life is great. I love being able to edit my photos and have a lot more storage space.


My liquid glitter case has been so much fun this year. I love playing with the glitter or just staring at my case. You can customize the glitter cases with text. I think my favorite is my “ALOHA” case, but I do really like the blank one I have. Get $10 off your case through my link.