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4 Tips for Staying Healthy at Work

muffinchanel 4 tips for staying healthy at workIt can be difficult to incorporate your New Year’s resolutions to be healthy while at work. These 4 tips will help you to stay healthy at work and help you to take care of your body so you can stay on track with your personal goals.

  • Drink Water – It’s important to remember to drink water throughout the day. Water is so important for your body to stay healthy. Plus, staying hydrated can help brain function, which is obviously important at work & your skin will thank you. Avoid sugary drinks like soda — ditch that daily Pepsi and your body will thank you. Invest in a BPA Free water bottle to make drinking water more exciting and convenient.
  • Sit Up Straight – Maintaining good posture is key when working at a desk all day. Engage your abdominal muscles and keep your feet flat on the floor. Good posture will keep your body in alignment and cause less stress on your joints. It can also be a little bit of an ab workout too if you aren’t used to engaging your core muscles!
  • Make a Lunch – It can be tempting or convenient to buy your lunch everyday, but if you take a little extra time in the morning or the night before, you can make a healthy, nutritious lunch. With a healthy lunch ready to go, you won’t make that impulse purchase at Jack In The Box because you’re having a stressful day and you will save a lot of money!
  • Go For a Walk – Getting up and going for a 10 minute walk will help you feel better and more alert. Every step is more calories burned! I’m tracking my steps with my FitBit Flex, but I’m curious about the new FitBit Charge HR which has a heart rate monitor!

What are your tips for staying healthy at work? What do you think about the new FitBit line?