Casetify Glitter Case Review

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I recently bought a new iPhone 8 Plus, so of course I wanted to get a cute case to protect it. A glitter case has been on my list for years, and now I’ve finally found a good one. Check out my full Casetify Glitter Case Review:


I bought my glitter case from (they have a lot more options than just glitter cases), and it arrived 10 days later. I’ve been using my case for over a week now and I’m loving it so far.


On the Casetify website, you can buy liquid glitter cases for your phone. They have pre-designed cases with unique designs and artwork, or you can customize your case by choosing your own text, color, and fonts. There are six choices of glitter — Unicorn Pastel (pink/iridescent), Midnight Blue, Monochrome Silver, Black, Rose Pink, and Gold Chrome.

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My case came packaged in a thick white box with a black elastic band wrapped around two of the corners. The top of the box was engrained with the Casetify black logo, and their website at the bottom. The packaging seemed nice — like you could just add a big bow and give it as a gift to a friend.

There was a Thank You card inside the box, and a Quality & Safety information card. The card says that the liquid inside the case is a non-toxic mineral oil.

Inside, the bottom of the box was lined with a black velvet-like layer, and my phone case sat on top.


The case is absolutely gorgeous! It looks better in person than I thought it would from seeing it online. I chose to design my own case and chose the Monochrome Silver glitter color. I have the silver iPhone 8 Plus, so I thought that the silver glitter would look really nice.

The glitter itself has at least three kinds of glitter – a fine, “normal” glitter, a larger hexagon-shaped glitter, and a larger star-shaped glitter. I love the variety and I think it makes this case stand out from other glitter cases I’ve seen.

There are three fonts to choose from; I chose the non-scripty font in white, and I had it say “ALOHA”. I love Hawaii (see my recent travel diary here), and I like to be reminded of the good vibes and happy times.

The case is transparent and pretty thick. It fits snugly on my phone, but I can easily take it off. The liquid and glitter is suspended between two layers of hard plastic. Though the top layer is hard, you can press down and the liquid inside will shift. That’s one thing I was researching before I bought my case, but couldn’t find any information.

The text I chose is printed on the top of the case, so I can feel it slightly raised as I run my fingers along the back. You can also feel the small casetify logo on the bottom of the case.

I’m not sure if a PopSocket would work with this case because that top layer of plastic might not be strong enough to support the pressure from the PopSocket day after day. Since I can shift the water inside by just pressing on the top layer of the case, I think a concentrated pressure from the PopSocket might break it. The case it really too pretty to want to cover up the text and the glitter anyway, so I won’t be using a PopSocket (at least for a while).

Because the case it pretty thick, I’m able to actually get a better grip than with my previous marble case. The plastic is also really grippy, so I don’t worry about it slipping out of my hands.

There is a slight lip that comes up over the front of the phone which is great to help protect the screen in case it fell face down. It seems like there’s a lot of protection with this case, and obviously a lot of sparkle.

The glitter waterfall is so pretty, and I find myself just playing with the case to watch it sparkle. If you’re looking for a glitter case, I definitely recommend this one. Don’t forget to use my link for $10 off your purchase. I hope this Casetify glitter case review was helpful!