How To Remove A Casetify Glitter Case

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I have been loving my liquid glitter case for my iPhone so much. I mentioned in my October Favorites post that I loved it so much that I bought a second one — this time I chose the Unicorn Pastels glitter. Here’s a look at my new case, and how to remove a Casetify glitter case:


My original glitter case is so pretty and I love it so much. I chose the silver liquid glitter case, and customized it to say “ALOHA”. I think it looks so good on my silver phone. I did a full review of it here, and you can click my link for $10 off your own glitter case.

Since I love my silver glitter case so much, I knew I would like the other glitter options as well. There are a few other colors to choose from on the site, and you can also customize the font, and the text. I chose the Unicorn Pastels glitter option and I customized it to say, “HUSTLE”.

The new case arrived in the same white box and velvet-like packaging. The Unicorn Pastel glitter is unique because it changes colors in different light, the angle you view it, and how close you are to it. It’s really cool actually.

From some angles, the glitter looked white, but others, it was pink and sometimes orange, or a blue/green iridescent.

The actual glitter pieces are different shapes and sizes. There are normal glitter-sized pieces, slightly larger circle/hexagon pieces, and larger heart-shaped pieces. I love that there are heart pieces because they look so sweet and cute.


Removing a liquid glitter case may seem intimidating if it doesn’t seem to come off super easily, but it is simple. Since I was switching out my glitter case, I wanted to do a step-by-step to show you how to remove your liquid glitter case.

  1. Turn your phone over so the screen faces away from you, and place your thumb on the phone through the camera cutout.
  2. Use your fingers to gently peel the edge of the case off of your phone while you press the phone through the camera cutout with your thumb.
  3. Use your thumb to press through between the case and the phone.
  4. Remove the case from your phone.

My new case is so pretty. I’ll probably use this one for a while before switching back to the silver glitter case, and then just alternate between the two. You can get $10 off your glitter case through my link.


The Unicorn Pastels glitter case is just like my original silver glitter case except for the different color glitter and the text customization I did.

The case is pretty thick to accommodate the liquid and glitter, and it’s also really protective. The lip of the case curves slightly around the screen of the phone to help prevent cracks if you drop it. I also use a separate screen protector, but it’s nice to know that the case protects the front as well as the back.

Also, all of the little cutouts are perfectly lined up and don’t affect me plugging in my phone to charge or use the headphones. I talk more about it in my full Casetify Glitter Case Review if you want to know more.

I’m super happy with my new case, and I like how the glitter kind of changes colors depending on the lighting. My favorite is when it looks really vibrant pink. Don’t forget to use my link for $10 off your glitter phone case!