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Make Your Own | Slow Cooker Ratatouille

As a White Elephant gift, we received The Southern Slow Cooker Bible that has 365 crockpot recipes by Tammy Algood. One of the recipes that sounded great was the Summer Ratatouille which is what I decided to try out. Of course, being a crock pot recipe, this was very easy to make — here’s a look at our slow cooker ratatouille.

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DIY Snowie Bubble Bar | LUSH-Inspired

this is seriously the cutest idea. I can't wait to make some bubble bars this weekend. lush christmas 2016 diy snowie bubble bar lush lush inspired cute david bowie bath bomb make your own bubble bar recipe. The Snowie bubble bar is so cute with its red and blue lightning bolt design. Snowy has a grapefruit, citrus scent and makes silky smooth bubbles for your bath. Here’s another LUSH DIY since I love everything from the LUSH Christmas range so much. This is a DIY Snowie Bubble Bar recipe. My bubble bar didn’t turn out quite as cute as the original, but it smells amazing and it was super fun to make!

Here’s everything you’ll need to make DIY Snowie bubble bar:

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DIY Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb | LUSH-Inspired

DIY Luxury Lush Pud make your own LUSH-inspired christmas bath bombs muffinchanel bath bomb recipeI’ve been having a lot of fun recreating some of the LUSH Christmas products this year. This DIY Luxury Lush Pud is super cute and I think my at home version looks pretty similar to the LUSH one. Here’s my LUSH-Inspired Luxury Lush Pud: Continue reading