Healthy Junk | Anaheim, CA

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While visiting Disneyland, we were really excited to try out Healthy Junk — a completely vegan restaurant located at 201 Center Street Promenade in Anaheim, California. We ate there three separate times during our trip.


Healthy Junk is located in a cute little walking area about 15 minutes from Disneyland. We used Uber from our hotel (get $5 off your first two Uber rides using my code: bend13689ue) and each trip was between $5-$6.

There is a large outdoor seating area in the courtyard, and a huge sign that says, “Good Food”. Inside the building are actually 4 separate food stalls — kind of food court style. Healthy Junk is the second stall from the left.

The eating area is bright, casual, and there was a lot of seating.


There is a lot to choose from at Healthy Junk from salads and sandwiches to Mexican food and desserts, although, they were out of desserts each time we came. We really wanted to try the Triple Chocolate brownie, or one of the large peanut butter cookies.


You order at the counter and they give you a little buzzer to let you know when your food is ready to pick up.

We came here three days in a row and each time I got the Crispy Chicken Burger with Buffalo Sauce, and french fries. The sandwich was amazing and the fries were great. When I first ate it, I was a little suspicious, but everything on the menu is 100% plant based.

My husband got a few different things each time — I actually didn’t get a picture of his favorite thing he ordered, BBQ W/ Slaw sandwich. That was his favorite, and he also got the Philly Chez Stake and the Wet Burrito.

One time we shared the Chicken Strips and they were good. I wished we had gotten the optional buffalo sauce because I really like the spice!


I loved knowing that I could order anything on the menu at Healthy Junk and my food was delicious. The last time we ate there, however, they messed up our order and we had to re order. Also, they were always out of the desserts which we really wanted to try, but overall I liked the food and would give it another try next time we are in Anaheim.