Honey Potion Hydration Mask by Farmacy | Review

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I bought a few things from Sephora as a birthday gift to myself, and one of those things was the Farmacy Honey Potion Hydration Mask. I wanted to do a review to let you know what I think after a few months of using it.


Similar to the Honey Drop moisturizer, this Honey Potion hydration mask comes in a glass honeycomb-shaped jar with a wood-looking lid. The jar has a nice weight to it, and it looks luxurious on your bathroom counter.

The mask comes with a small metal spatula to scoop out the product, and it’s awesome because the lid is magnetized so you won’t ever lose the spatula.


This mask had a lot of great reviews, and I really liked my experience with the Honey Drop moisturizer, so I had high exceptions for this mask. The mask looks just like honey; it’s a bright golden color. You just use the little metal spatula to scoop some out and put on your face. The mask looks thick and seems sticky like honey, but then you start to rub it into your skin and it emulsifies and turns into a white cream almost.

As you rub the mask in, it starts to heat up and feels really warm; it’s nice. Then after about a minute of rubbing it in, you let it sit on your face for 15 minutes before washing off. The warmth mostly went away for me after I stopped rubbing it in, so there’s no heat the entire time with the mask on.


My face has mostly normal to slightly dry skin, so I loved this being a hydration mask. I’m all about bringing back the glow and eliminating any dryness. The Honey Potion Hydration Mask is supposed to be good for all skin types.

After using the mask, my skin felt clean and smooth. The areas of dryness felt “softer”, and overall my skin felt really nice and hydrated. I usually follow up with some of the Noni Glow face oil, or the Honey Drop moisturizer.

Even though my skin feels really nice immediately after I use the mask, I don’t feel like the hydration really lasts on my skin, at least nothing more than it usually would if I just followed my regular night time routine. Although, according to Sephora’s website, you should use the mask 2-3 times a week for the most effective results. I’ve only been using the mask once a week, on the weekends as a self care spa day. For the price ($56/4.1oz), I just expected more lasting results.

As a test, I’m going to start using the mask 2-3 times a week to see if I really notice a lasting change. If not, I won’t be repurchasing this mask again even though I do enjoy the mask and the immediate look/feel of my skin after using it.

So overall, I do like the mask, but I expect a little bit more for the price. For me, the hydration feeling doesn’t last very long. If things change for me after using this mask for the 2-3 times/week, I’ll update you!