8 Simple Ways to Save Money This Spring

Spring is here — a time for renewal and starting fresh. To refresh your budget, here are 8 simple ways to save money this spring:

1 | Make a budget

As you know, I’m all about having a budget. It’s helped us pay off debt and start building wealth. Now that the month has just started, make a plan for your spending and write it out so you can track it throughout the month. Click here to see how I make my monthly budget.

2 | Meal prep

Food can be a huge variable when making your monthly budget. When you plan out your meals and prep them ahead of time, you save yourself from making impulse decisions or eating out at restaurants for convenience. Prep your meals, pack a lunch for school/work, and limit your eating out to planned meals that you’ve budgeted for.

3 | Sign up for free trials

Saving money on entertainment can be super easy. We haven’t had cable in years and we don’t miss it at all. If you watch a lot of shows or movies, consider canceling your cable and signing up for netflix, or amazon prime. Both options have a 30-day free trial and offer tons of shows and movies.

4 | Plan errands for one trip

If you have a list of errands to run, try to plan them all for one day so you only have to make one trip. You will save on gas and you’re being more efficient so you have more time to do other things — like start a beauty and lifestyle blog.

5 | Don’t buy new clothes

With the seasons changing, it may be tempting to buy new clothes but try and stick with your current wardrobe. Don’t try to be trendy. If you must buy new clothes, buy basic/classic pieces that you can wear year round.

6 | Price check with Amazon

I find that a lot of things are less expensive on Amazon than at other retailers. Most places that price match recognize Amazon and will give you the cheaper price if you show them the Amazon page. I prefer shopping on Amazon because I get free 2-day shipping with Prime and it’s more convenient.

7 | Keep the thermostat off

With the weather warming up, you may want to switch on the AC, but hold off as long as you can. If you can open your windows at night or use a fan instead of the air conditioning, you could save a lot of money this month. I try to never use heating or AC and it’s a huge savings.

8 | Enjoy the outdoors for free

Instead of going to the movies or out to eat, head to the park for a picnic or a long walk. Or go out and take some pictures — you don’t need a fancy camera; just use your phone. With flowers starting to bloom and the weather warming up, there’s a lot of opportunity for pictures or a beautiful afternoon walk.

I hope you can use some of these ideas to save money this spring. Happy saving!