Office & Desk Organization + Cute Accessories

Having a clean desk and office space is key to staying organized. I can focus better and I feel more inspired when my work area is organized and it saves me a lot of time because I know where everything is. Here’s a look at my work space and some cute accessories I use to keep my desk organized as well as some other office items that can transform your work area into #DeskGoals:

My dream desk/office space is very clean and minimal. I want cute but functional items immediately accessible and I need my drawers to be organized — nothing just rolling around. I don’t want any clutter, just the things I absolutely love and use. That being said, I love how my desk space has come together! I feel inspired when I’m at my desk and I’m excited to create or plan or even just pay bills.


My desk is the Linnmon Adils table set from IKEA and I have the Alex add-on unit and the Alex drawer set. I like having my computer raised up from my desk because it gives me more room to work and keeps my monitor at the perfect viewing distance. And having one side of my desk with drawers makes it easy to access all of the things I use at my desk. With these clear plastic organizers, my pens don’t get lost or roll around.

I keep my Erin Condren LifePlanner on top of my desk and I’ll plan out my week on Sundays. I love planning at my desk because I have all my washi and pens readily available in the drawers.


You have to first go through everything before you can clean and organize your work space. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1| Empty every drawer

If your desk space has drawers, take everything out and set it aside. Wipe down your drawers to get a fresh start. Before you put everything back in the drawers, go through what you have. Do you need it? Do you love it? If not, purge it! Reducing how much “junk” you have will help you stay organized.

2 | Use a drawer organizer

You can find these online or at Target. A drawer organizer just sits in your drawer and has different sections for you to put your items so they don’t all just roll around together. To me, this is a necessity because it’s very easy to quickly become disorganized when you can’t easily find what you’re looking for. You waste time, searching through a messy drawer and it puts me in a bad mood looking at a drawer full of random items. With everything it its appropriate section, your drawers will looks clutter-free.

3 | Declutter the top of your desk

I try to keep my desk totally clear of basically everything. I don’t have any stacks of paper or jars of pens. My desk area never feels overwhelming because everything is put away in its place.

4 | Decorate your space in a way that inspires you

If a bright, cheery painting motivates you, hang it in your space. Maybe you like to have a vision board with a collage of beautiful things posted. Maybe cute, framed prints inspire you — surround yourself with whatever energizes you. While in San Francisco recently, we visited Minted and it was so beautiful in there. They have tons of cute prints and inspiration for an amazing gallery wall. When your space is beautiful, you will want to keep it organized and clean.


These desk accessories are beautiful and functional. I love desk/office supplies, stationary, pens! Here are a few items that would work well for almost any desk:

1 | Ted Baker London Mini Notebook & Pen Set

A cute notebook and pen set can look great sitting on your desk and be functional. I find that with my ECLP, I have a pad of paper handy to jot down any notes or ideas that spring to mind. There’s something more meaningful to me when I write it down than when I just type it out. I remember it more and it seems more purposeful. More intentional.

2 | Whitmor Clear Drawer Organizer

Definitely need the drawer organizers. They keep everything looking cute and clean. If you only do once thing to organize your work space, it’s drawer organizers for sure.

3 | kate spade new york acrylic note holder

This could go in your drawer or sit on your desk as a functional post-it holder for those quick ideas. It looks clean and simple but can help keep you organized as well. I like how acrylic is very neutral, so if you aren’t in love with it at your desk later on, you can use it in the kitchen or a bathroom drawer as well.

4 | brushed with love by Qing Ji

This is one of the many beautiful prints at Minted. I love their store and their Instagram. They also do custom art prints or cards. I want to have this one to hang in my house. Having art that inspires you, or a vision board that motivates you can really take your office space to the #DeskGoals level.

5 | Sugar Paper My Post to Yours Note Card Set

I love stationary and mailing out letters, so I thought this set would be very cute. It’s nice having stationary available for when you need to write a thank you letter or just a small note. It is such a thoughtful gesture and so much more personal than a text or even an email.

6 | Wild and Wolf x Ted Baker London stackable boxes

These little storage boxes are super cute and great for holding the small things that you don’t want rolling around in your drawers. If you don’t have the drawer organizers and you frequently reach for smaller items, this is perfect for you.

7 | Sugar Paper scissors, 8″

I love this scissors. They’re super strong and well-made. I love how they look on my desk and they are very sharp. I use these to cut craft paper or washi tape when I plan or to cut out the charms for my lapel pins. It’s always great to have a good pair of scissors.

8 | Sugar Paper Office Supply Fastener Set in Corked Jars

I love these cute little jars because they display the items I use frequently in a nice way that makes me excited to be at my desk. I use the paper clips the most, but I prefer the binder clips for most things. What are your favorite/most frequently used office supplies?

9 | Ted Baker London pens

These pens look so pretty. I would love to have a fancy pen set, but any pens that write nicely are my favorite. Right now I’m loving the Le Pen pens like I mentioned in my Favorites post. Whatever pens you have, make sure they work and that you keep them in a place you can easily access them.