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October Favorites 2017

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It’s Favorites time!! This month went by pretty fast for me, but I still managed to have a bunch of favorites that I wanted to share with you.

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Top 10 – November Favorites

Landon Austinlandon austin muffin chanel muffinchanel once in a lifetime


When I first heard about Landon Austin on Youtube, I thought he used auto-tune on his voice. He has a really unique sound, accompanied by an acoustic guitar and his songs are pretty mellow. I am really liking Once In A LifetimeEven though it’s a slower song, I like to listen to this when I’m running.

The Hunger Games – Catching Fire


catching-fire1This movie was much better than the first. The Capitol establishes new rules in order to surpress a rebellion encouraged by Katniss Everdeen’s breaking the rules in the last Hunger Games. Peacekeepers are enforcing more rules on the different Districts and Katniss and Peeta must fight again in the 75th Hunger Games. If you liked the first movie, you’ll really like the second. By the end, I was holding up my three fingers and whistling the Mockingjay tune!



I’ve been loving Chipotle so much in November. I get a burrito with: white rice, fajita vegetables, sofritas (only served in select states/locations), the green salsa, corn, sour cream, and guacamole. MMMmmm. So good. I’ll sometimes get the chips and guacamole on the side, but only if I’m super hungry.

Nike+ Running


I’m still training for a half marathon, and I’m using the Nike+ Running App to track my runs. Just the other day, I logged my farthest run – 7.25 miles! Yay. I’ve still got a ways to go and a lot more conditioning, but I really like how the Nike+ Running App lets you create goals how you can “race” with your friends. Add me (MuffinChanel) and we can race!

Lush Baths


photo-1photo-21I love Lush baths; especially during the colder months. Relaxing underneath a blanket of bubbles is so perfect. My favorite combination at the moment is The Comforter bubble bar and Think Pink bath bomb & to make it extra amazing, I add a dropper of Josie Maran’s Argan Oil! With this bath ^, I used Sandstone soap to exfoliate and Sweetie Pie shower jelly. Amazing!

Starbucks Holiday Star Dash


screen-shot-2013-11-29-at-8-27-45-pmI’m so excited that I was selected to participate in the Starbucks Holiday Star Dash. As you can see, I earned my 16 stars and will get the $10 eGift! Yay for those Very Berry Hibiscus Refreshers!

Photojojo Macro/Wide Lens

I got this lens for my birthday and it’s awesome. If I have to choose from the three they offer, this is the one I choose. I love it because it is both Macro and a Wide angle lens — just unscrew it to get the Macro.

Rainbow Loom


rl-heroMy little cousins shared their Rainbow Looms with me over Thanksgiving! They taught me how to make the Starburst and Fishtail bracelets! You can get the Rainbow Loom at Michael’s for $17 and each Rubber Band Pack of 600 bands is $4.

photo-2Grand Theft Auto 5


I recently bought GTA 5 and it’s so much fun. I have GTA 4 (but I never even finished the story mode), but GTA 5 is so much better. You play as three different characters in story mode & the online mode is so much fun; I’m already on level 16!

Living Proof – Restore


I bought this in my Sephora VIB Rouge haul to try it out and it’s awesome. My hair looks and feels softer and healthier. I’ll repurchase the larger sizes when I run out. I do like these small bottles though; perfect size for traveling.

What have you been loving this November? Let me know in the comments.

Top 10 – September Favorites

  • Skillful Means by Tarthang Tulku


This book is all about improving your life by being mindful of what is happening right now. I first read this book a couple of years ago and it’s great. How many times are you walking to class or your car or at the mall and you’re on your cell phone? Or how often are you thinking about the XYZ you have to do tomorrow or next week instead of paying attention to what you are doing right now? All we have is the present — this moment. Skillful Means is all about living in the moment you are in; being mindful about what is going on around you. No distractions — just really being self aware and clearing your mind. It’s a great book that will help you focus and appreciate what’s happening all around you.

  • Starbucks Star Dash


From now until October 1, Starbucks is doing their Star Dash. Basically, it’s another incentive for you to go to Starbucks during certain times of the year in order to accumulate stars to earn a gift card. This “Star Dash” is different from the stars you earn with the Rewards Card, although, you do need a rewards card to participate. Separate from the regular stars you earn with the Rewards Card, these “Star Dash” stars will give you $5 or $10 gift cards depending on how many you get before the deadline. Each transaction will ear you one star. I’m on my way to earning the $10 gift card!

  • Mediterranean Veggie sandwich (Panera)


New favorite sandwich for sure. I was looking for some meatless options at different restaurants and a friend suggested I try this sandwich from Panera. It’s amazing —  lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, red peppers, cilantro/jalepeño hummus, and feta swiss cheese (I prefer swiss) on tomato basil bread. I bought ingredients today to make my own version at home! YAY!

  • iOS7


I love the clean look and feel of the iOS7 update. I have the iPhone 4S and my camera app is faster and I really like having the “live filters”. Command Center is great and I really like all the new ringtones/sounds. It’s neat to have the option to block contacts and to be able to multi-task between apps.

  • Clear

Clear is a simple task management/list application. It’s clean and easy to navigate with lots of color schemes to choose from.

  • iTunes Radio


iTunes radio is basically like Pandora. I prefer it because it’s already integrated into iTunes and it remembers the songs I’ve listened to and makes it easy for me to purchase them if I choose. You can create your own “stations” and mark that you like certain songs. There’s even a Top 100 iTunes radio and you can listen to a shuffle of all the Top 100 songs on iTunes. I think this is awesome for getting high quality audio for more than just a preview of a song you might be interested in buying.

  • The Killers – Shot At The Night

It was actually through iTunes Radio that I first heard “Shot At The Night”. ^^^


The Killers songs are always a little vague, but this one seems to be about taking this once in a lifetime opportunity to get out of a situation that is stale and move on to a life that is exciting and full of happiness. I love this. Plus who doesn’t love a nice 80’s synth ballad! Yay for new music from The Killers! I’m excited for Direct Hits to come out in November.

  • Lighted Makeup Mirror


This mirror is great for applying makeup or tweezing your brows. With 8xs magnification and 360 degree rotation, you’ll be sure to see exactly what you are doing!

  • SEPHORA COLLECTION – Pro Stippling Brush #44


I’m surprised this brush doesn’t have better reviews online. A lot of people are saying the brush sheds, but I’ve never experienced any shedding. I really like this brush. I use it to apply my Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Foundation. The brush gives my skin an even, airbrushed yet natural look. The natural and synthetic fibers work together to give a streak-free application that looks great all day.

This dress is super cute. I bought it for a friend’s wedding next month but I can see myself getting a lot of use out of it. The lace design is really pretty, but durable — this isn’t some dainty-be-careful-or-it’ll-rip lace. The A-line makes it flattering for all body shapes and it’s very comfortable on.

Top 10 – August Favorites


I’m a little late to the party — I think this album came out sometime late last year — but I’m here now!

I first listened to the album on YouTube and then forgot about it, until recently. I’ve been listening to it a lot lately; the songs are catchy and fun.

  • Game of Thrones


After I saw the first season, I hated this show! How dare they kill off a main character!! Not much has changed….but I like the show a little bit better. I’m rooting for the Khaleesi to reclaim her throne!

  • Natural for Her – Herban Cowboy


I first heard of this deodorant from It prevents sweat and odors and it’s natural, what more could you ask for? This deodorant is vegan and certified organic so you don’t have to worry about chemicals and carcinogens seeping into your skin. Very happy with this purchase.

  • Pedicures (Clambake by Essie)

My mom and I recently went out for a birthday pedicure! I used Clambake by Essie because it’s so fun and it’s the perfect balance between red and orange.essie_clambake

Pedicures are a great way to relax and pamper yourself. Especially during summer, when you’ll likely be wearing flip flops, nothing can make you feel a little happier than looking at freshly pedicured toes.


  • Korres Lip Butter


I got these two, Pomegranate and Jasmine, for my birthday and they are both awesome! These lip butters are so smooth and make my lips feel soft and hydrated. Some of the colors are bright, but the results are mostly sheer with a hint of color. Perfect for every day and definitely one of my all time favorite lip products.

  • US Open


All the best players all on one stage for two weeks of fun. Tennis is such a cool sport because it’s just you against your opponent — no teams, no blaming others. They’re doing some intense stuff as athletes, from sprinting to strategy. What a great game!

  • California Pizza Kitchen

screen-shot-2013-08-29-at-10-00-14-amI love the Pizza Kitchen. Their spinach artichoke dip is delicious and their BBQ Chicken Pizza is awesome.

  • Photojojo iPhone Lens


These lenses are so cool! Thanks to my family for the perfect birthday gift! You can find these lenses at — all four for $50.


My favorite lenses are the Macro and the Wide. Both lenses actually come as one and you unscrew them to separate. It took me a day to figure out how to get to the Macro lens :/ but it’s awesome. Check out my instagram: MuffinChanel for some awesome pictures!

  • Josie Maran SPF 40


I really like this lightweight, dewy sunscreen. With Argon oil, it seems to clear up any discoloration and balance my skin. No parabens and cruelty free; it’s a silky sunscreen that absorbs well into my skin. It leaves me feeling fresh-faced, and not greasy.

  • SEPHORA Smart Liner


This liner is so awesome — the curve of the casing give you the control you need to get the most precise line ever. The flexible felt tip makes it easy to create a fine line or build up the drama with a thick wing.

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Top 10 – July Favorites

1. Victor & Rolf – Flowerbomb

muffinchanel july favorites 2013 flowerbombMy favorite fragrance of all time. Flowerbomb makes me happy. I first tried the $25 $29 (prices have gone up!) rollerball from Sephora and fell in love. Try it if you haven’t already — very strong floral notes! Amazing!

2.  Lancome Star Bronzer

muffinchanel july favorites 2013 lancome bronzerLancome’s Star Bronzer comes in six shimmer shades and three matte shades. I use my matte bronzer in shade 02 Sunkiss for slight conturing. This bronzer isn’t too dark or muddy and will look natural on many different complexions.

3. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes


muffinchanel july favorites 2013 neutrogena-makeup-remover-cleansing-towelettesI love these cleansing wipes. With these, there is no excuse to not remove my makeup before going to bed. They remove all of your makeup and don’t leave your face feeling oily. The refill packs come with 25 wipes for about $4.50 – $7, depending on sales and where you shop. I’ve seen a 4 x 25ct. + 1x 14ct. at Costco for about $11! Best deal ever if you can get it.

Of course, it’s best to actually wash your face, but on those nights when you might be too tired,  these will do the trick. You never want to go to bed with your makeup on!

4. Eggs Benedict


muffinchanel july favorites 2013 eggs benedictI’m not much of a “breakfast” person — I eat in the morning, but I don’t like “breakfast” foods….except for eggs benedict! Definitely my favorite breakfast-y food!

5. Very Berry Hibiscus Refreshers – Starbucks


muffinchanel july favorites 2013 very berry hibiscus refresherI only recently have started drinking these again. I’ve talked about these before, and I still enjoy them every once in a while. Make your own!!

6. LUSH baths


muffinchanel july favorites 2013 lush bathNothing is more relaxing or makes me feel cleaner than a LUSH bath. So perfect! My favorite combination is The Comforter and a Sex Bomb bath bomb. I love LUSH! See my other LUSH posts HERE, HERE, and HERE

7. Hair, Skin, and Nails pills – Andrew Lessman


I can see my nails growing and staying strong when I take these, but if I skip just one day, my nails will break. :/ But these, in combination with my B-12s help my nails to grow and stay strong. I don’t really notice a difference in my hair or skin, but I’m sure it’s helping in some way. These pills are packed with vitamins and biotin. You can get them from

8. Sam’s Town – The Killers


muffinchanel july favorites 2013 andrew-lessman-healthy-hair-skin-and-nails-720-caps-d-20130710101229687277028muffinchanel july favorites 2013 samstowncoverI loved The Killer’s – Battle Born, so I decided to re-discover some of their older music. I’ve been listening to Sam’s Town a lot lately and I love it.

9. Target App for iPhone


muffinchanel july favorites 2013 target appI love going to Target — I can get everything I want in one stop. Plus, it’s where I was able to find my Fitbit Flex when it was backordered online. Target has everything and the Target App has coupons for some of those items. Some is better than none! What’s awesome is that they can scan the coupon directly from your phone — no clipping coupons or having to remember to bring them when you shop.

10. Monster’s University


muffinchanel july favorites 2013 monsters-university-2013-wallpaper-hd-for-desktop-680x382I really enjoyed this prequel to Monster’s Inc. Disney and Pixar make the best animated movies! And what’s even cooler is the website they made for the movie – How fun!

What have you been enjoying this July?

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