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Vegan Whole Foods Shopping Haul

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We went to Whole Foods today to pick up some groceries. In September we are choosing to eat all plant-based — Septegan (September + Vegan), but I wanted to get a head start and make sure we had some awesome vegan foods ready to go. I found some new recipes that I wanted to try out through Instagram, so I bought those ingredients and some regular everyday foods too. Here’s everything we bought:

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Make Your Own | Slow Cooker Ratatouille

As a White Elephant gift, we received The Southern Slow Cooker Bible that hasΒ 365 crockpot recipes by Tammy Algood. One of the recipes that sounded great was the Summer Ratatouille which is what I decided to try out. Of course, being a crock pot recipe, this was very easy to make — here’s a look at our slow cooker ratatouille.

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