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2016 Birthday Wish List | Top 12 Gift Ideas

2016 birthday wish list bkr lancome iPhone lisa frank harry potter muffinchanelIt’s my birthday month! Each year I like to make a list of some things I’d love for my birthday. This time I’ve broken it up in to three different categories: Makeup/Skincare, Tech, and Extras.

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Fitbit Charge HR Breaks – UPDATE

fitbit charge hr band breaks strap broken muffinchanelIt had been about a year since I first got my Fitbit Charge HR as an upgrade to my Fitbit Flex when the Charge HR strap broke! 🙁 Sad day. My Fitbit Charge HR breaks and I couldn’t wear it anymore; it was terrible. I had actually been having issues with the Fitbit syncing fully as well, but the band can’t do any good if I can’t wear it.

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