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How To Make Cute Lapel Pins

I remember using shrink plastic to make little charm bracelets as a kid. This super fun material makes it easy to create cute charms!! I found some fun designs and made these trendy and cute lapel pins. This is a super easy project and I love how everything turned out. Here’s how to make cute lapel pins at home:

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What’s In My Makeup Bag

Whenever I travel somewhere, I pack up all of my favorite products. Since space is often an issue, I don’t have room to take everything; only the essentials. I’m super happy with my makeup right now. Everything I have is my favorite and it all fits nicely in my travel bag. Here’s a look at what’s in my makeup bag: Continue reading

How To Relax | My Self Care Relaxation Routine

It’s so important to take care of yourself and make your health a priority. It can be easy to put your needs aside in order to take care of everything else around you, but it’s important for your health to relax and take time to unwind. I usually try to do this routine on Sunday, but I don’t always get to do everything at once. Here’s my self care relaxation routine for how to relax: Continue reading